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Fee Assessment

What is a fee assessment?

The Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations 2007 allow publicly funded educational institutions to charge higher tuition fees to students unless they fulfil certain residence and immigration status requirements. Details of these requirements are available at the United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) website.

Why did you contact me about it?

We will contact you to complete a fee assessment questionnaire, or to provide additional information and documents, if we are unable to determine your tuition fee status based only on the information you have provided on your application form. Please note that we will not complete a fee assessment unless you have submitted a formal application to study at University of Portsmouth either via UCAS, or direct to the university. We can only offer you a place to study after your fee status has been confirmed.

You contacted me, what should I do now?

Please complete the online fee assessment questionnaire or send us the information and/or documents that we requested.

But I made a mistake on my application form

If you have simply made an error in the information you provided on your application form, please contact us in writing to explain the mistake. If you have stated an incorrect nationality, please also send us a copy of the personal details page of your passport for verification. Please note that nationality refers to your citizenship, not your ethnicity. If you applied via UCAS you should also contact them to inform them of the error.

How will you assess me?

We will complete your fee assessment based on the information that you provide closely following the current Education (Fees and Awards) Regulations 2007. The result will be sent to you by email.

I am a current University of Portsmouth international student, and I think my fee status is wrong

If you are one of our current international students and believe that your tuition fee status should now change, please contact us and we will either ask you to complete the fee assessment questionnaire, or to send us additional information and/or documents. We cannot guarantee that your fee status will change. When a change of fee status is permitted, this will not take effect until the following academic year.

If you have any questions regarding tuition fee status and assessment please contact us.

Please be advised that if your application is fee assessed the information that you provide must be true, complete and accurate. Information provided will be retained by the University of Portsmouth in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. We may also check the information that you provide with the Home Office.

How to contact us

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