University Admissions Centre

Once you've received a decision

I've been invited to an interview. What should I expect?

Some of our courses require applicants to attend an interview in order to find out whether you'd cope with the demands of your chosen course before making you an offer. If a course does require an interview, this will be clearly stated on the course page on our website or at UCAS.

Courses in the area of art and design require the review of a relevant portfolio of visual work. The portfolio requirements for each course may vary slightly but we will provide guidance so you know what you need to include.

For PGCE interviews we will ask you to prepare a 10-minute teaching session on any topic you like. You will teach this to a small group of other applicants. Interviews will take up much of the day. Normally this involves a check of your qualifications, micro-teaching, a reading, writing and a discussion task and an opportunity to demonstrate your evaluative skills.

I have received a conditional offer. What does this mean?

A conditional offer means that we will offer you a place as long as you fulfill a particular condition or achieve a certain result from the qualifications you are taking.

We will have already deducted points from qualifications you have already achieved, therefore your offer will always relate to examinations that you are due to take.

You must meet the conditions of your offer by the 31 August.

I have received an unconditional offer. What does this mean?

If you have received an unconditional offer, it means that you have met the academic requirements for the course and we are happy to accept you. You may still be asked to provide proof of your relevant qualifications before your place is confirmed if you pick us as your Firm choice.

If you are applying to an undergraduate course we will ask you to send us copies (not originals) of your GCSE English and Mathematics (level 2) certificates as well as any higher-level qualifications you have achieved. See examples of relevant qualifications.

For applicants to postgraduate courses we will ask to see certificates of any degree-level (level 6) or higher qualifications that you hold. See examples of relevant qualifications.

If we ask to see these when you make us your Firm choice please send copies to

Why have I received an offer for a different course to the one I applied for?

We take a rounded view of applicants when making decisions and, if we can’t give you your first choice, the University may make an alternative course offer.

Many of our courses are very popular and become oversubscribed therefore we can’t always guarantee that applicants who have, or are predicted to achieve, grades equal to or above the typical entry requirements, will be made an offer of a place on the course to which they apply.

What are the terms and conditions of my offer?

Any offer of a place from the University is made on the understanding that you meet certain terms and conditions. Please go to

Why has my course been discontinued?

Sometimes the University needs to discontinue a course. This might be because there are not enough students for the course to run, or because it is a subject area that the University is unable to deliver that year. We try to give you as much notice of this as possible and will contact you as soon as we receive notification that the course is closing, so that you can let us know if there are similar alternative courses that you would like us to consider your application for.

My application has been unsuccessful. How do I get feedback?

The University of Portsmouth is committed to operating admissions arrangements that are fair and transparent. Accordingly the University provides feedback, when requested, to any candidate when their application to study has been unsuccessful.

Candidates who wish to receive feedback make their request by emailing stating the name of the course they applied to.

The University aims to respond to requests within 30 days of receipt.

How do I submit a complaint?

The University of Portsmouth is committed to providing a high quality, fair and open admissions procedure.

It is possible, however, that there may be occasions when applicants feel the need to raise issues of concern.

The complaints procedure sets out how to go about making a complaint about an application to the university.

Please be assured that we will treat your complaint with all seriousness and deal with it as efficiently and as quickly as possible.

How do I appeal my decision?

If you would like to appeal our decision, please read the procedure for applicants requesting a decision review.

How do I defer my place?

You may wish to take a gap year and defer your year of entry. Please submit your request in writing by sending an email to, quoting your full name and ID Number. Please be advised that certain programmes are not available for deferred entry.

How do I withdraw my application?

If you would like to withdraw your application before a decision has been made, you may do so by logging into the UCAS Track website. If you have already accepted an offer with us, please e-mail and we will withdraw your application for you.