University Admissions Centre

Unconditional Offer Scheme

At the University of Portsmouth, we welcome students who demonstrate sustained and relevant commitment, performance and achievement, because they make a significant contribution to our success. We want to recruit the best students to work with us to deliver successful outcomes that benefit them and the University. 

Our Unconditional Offer scheme recognises the confidence we have in the ability of our applicants to continue to achieve and to be successful, and all are encouraged to use every opportunity they are given to achieve their potential. We expect that the certainty that an unconditional offer brings during the final year of their pre-university studies will give our applicants the security and confidence to achieve their best.


How does the scheme work?

Applications are carefully reviewed by our Admissions Centre team and selected based on achievement to date along with their predicted grades and current teachers’ assessments.

Will I be eligible for the unconditional offer scheme?

All Home/EU applicants with relevant qualifications are considered for the scheme.

What is the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship Award

The University's Scholarship is an award of £1000 for especially high-achieving applicants who are offered and accept an Unconditional offer from this 2018 scheme. The scheme is competitive and based on achievement in examinations. Further details of the scheme are made available later in the cycle.

Is there a deadline for accepting the offer?

The deadline for UCAS applicants to accept our offer is the same as the deadlines set by UCAS which can be found on the UCAS website. At Portsmouth once an applicant accepts our offer as FIRM we provide the New Student Link-in programme. This gives you a range of benefits including: access to early Halls registration and guarantee, to connect with others on the course and academic staff, to access elements of our student portal and more services to get you prepared to becomes a student here. The sooner you chose us as firm, the sooner you have this access.

Do I have to accept you as my Firm choice?

Our Unconditional offer to you is a demonstration of our commitment to accepting you as a student at the University of Portsmouth. To benefit from the Unconditional Scheme, you also need to demonstrate your commitment to joining the University by making us your Firm choice.

What happens to my place if I don’t achieve my predicted grades?

We are aware that you still have exams to take, however, we are confident that you are committed to achieving your predicted grades and would like to provide you with the security of a confirmed place in September, allowing you to concentrate on achieving the best grades possible. It is not in your best interest to progress to a university course having failed exams, but in making you this offer we judge that it is unlikely that you will not pass your current exams. If this did happen we would discuss what is best for you.

Why have some students received an offer and some not?

The criteria for receiving an unconditional offer reflects the requirements of individual courses and profiles of applicants; not all applicants therefore can be offered the opportunity to join this scheme.

What happens if I defer my offer?

Deferred applications to 2019 will still be considered for the scheme, but may not be eligible for the Vice-Chancellor's Scholarship award.

Will I be considered for the scheme if I am an international applicant?

The scheme is not currently available to international students.

Will I still have to sit my exams?

You will still need to meet the University's minimum standard entry requirements in order to join one of our undergraduate courses. This means achieving a minimum of two A levels and three GCSEs grade A-C (or equivalent acceptable qualifications), so we strongly recommend that any applicant who is made an Unconditional offer completes all outstanding qualifications to the best of their ability.