Food on Campus loyalty scheme

In January 2014, the new ‘Food on Campus’ loyalty scheme will be introduced.

You can collect loyalty points, using your staff card, on all food and drinks that you buy on campus.

Please register online at You can then present your staff card to a loyalty scanner at any of the Food on Campus tills (excluding the Waterhole), and collect points against what you buy. You will collect five points for every £1 you spend, and each point will be worth 1p, which you can redeem against your future purchases.
Please note: NUS discount will no longer be valid in Food on Campus outlets.

You can also collect double points, seasonal bonus points, and if you buy any drinks, you can get your ninth one for free.

For more information, visit


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  1. Why do you require a mobile number and a full date of birth for registration?

  2. Hi Audrey,

    We require this information to validate you as the owner if the account if you have any problems regarding your account in the future.

    We do not use this information for any marketing purposes or to contact you in anyway.


  3. The text is too light to read well in the sign up page. the terms and conditions print is even lighter. Please make the text accessible.

  4. I am not happy providing my mobile number and date of birth to a system for coffee. Surely asking for a campus card number or similar would be better?

    I don’t think I would be against this if it was just going through our own servers but I can see it is also touching external servers.

    • Hi Chris,

      As previously mentioned, these details are only used to confirm your identity if you experience any with problems with your account, they are not used for any other purposes (all data is held safely and securely).

      As part of the sign up process you are asked to enter your student number/staff ref number as this is the unique number which is used to collect/redeem points.

      Kind Regards

      • Surely providing a staff reference together with email address is sufficient to confirm identity. I still don’t see the requirement to validate using personal data such DoB and mobile number.

  5. Like others, I’m not sure why you need these details – and further to Alida’s comments re. accessibility; what about someone who doesn’t have a mobile phone.
    Not everyone does.

  6. And I see that the % discount has effectively gone down – while the number of coffees required for a free one has gone up :(

    • Hi Emma,

      The number of coffee required has been replicated like for like, it has always been the same 9th Hot Drink free.

      The % discount is balanced between items that always attract the basic rate of points and the items that are soon to attract double and triple points which will equate to a greater overall saving.

      If anyone has problems signing up for this service then please email and we will do our best to help you sign up.

      Kind Regards

  7. I don’t drink coffee – only tea – so at 80p for tea (which is less that the £1 starting point) I will not get any loyalty points. :-(

    Also as a discount with an NUS card is no longer given – a cost of a cup of tea compared to last year has gone from 63p (with a discount) to 80p (now with no discount) = 29% inflation !

    • Hi Victor,

      Even though this spend is under the threshold for earning points, you well still be able to collect stamps to get your 9th Tea free.

      In regards to the prices we have held off increasing our prices for 3 years, and unfortunately we have had to increase them this year. You can still get the 15p discount for bringing your own cup.

      Kind Regards

  8. My double espresso is £1.26…… still a bargain compared to anywhere else :-)

  9. Oops – sorry about the mistake about the number of coffees you needed to get a free one – I misread it as “9″ before the free one (which for a short period of time, some of the cards did need).
    Just a quick question, though, why is the phone no & date of birth needed, but not your staff/student ID. How can the system match the two? Especially as someone else has pointed out, it’s not a campus based system.
    What happens if you just show your card to the reader, without having registered?

    • Hi Emma,

      Your student/staff number is required as part of the process.

      If you show your card to the readers without registering you will only be able to collect points

      Kind Regards

    • AFAIK I’ve not registered because I’ve not provided a mobile number. The reader detected my card during a purchase just now (it was on 0 points) and after a small purchase it went up to 5 points.

  10. Hopefully this request doesn’t fall foul of Schedule 1 Part 1.3 of the Data Protection Act, which states that “Personal data shall be adequate, relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose or purposes for which they are processed.”

    Asking for someone’s date of birth and personal private contact number when other non-personal and work-related information would suffice may be considered excessive.


    • I fully agree with Rich here and surely a secret question/answer system would be much better suited.

  11. I have been using the system since it started back in September and have had numerous free drinks, but then there are three of us who regularly use the system and just pile the points on the one card. I like that fact that you can collect points on anything and not just drinks.

    I can’t remember if I supplied a mobile phone number when I signed up (I probably did) and have had no marketing texts/calls except for the usual Russian Brides (that may be more to do with ‘other’ websites visited though).

  12. Surely it must be possible to validate a new user without the need for a mobile phone. Our email should suffice. I understand the mobile number will not be used for marketing purposes, but that is not the point (the main one in my view at least). Giving one’s mobile number out ought to be optional in whatever case. Please revise that.

  13. This is so irritating, I might as well just eat else where. The Food on Campus stuff is already expensive enough! Meal deals in all the super markets tend to be cheaper, unless you’re getting a cheese sandwich and water. Very disappointing.

  14. I think everyone needs to relax a little bit – it’s also just a mobile number. The worst that may happen (though they have gone at length to say it won’t) is that you may receive a text. Unless your phone is rigged to an explosive device, I wouldn’t worry about it.

    Plus – its still really cheap. Too expensive? Don’t buy it.

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