Portland car park

Portland Building car park will be closed from Wednesday 18 December 2013 for nine months, due to the extensive refurbishment of Portland Building.

Alternative parking is available at the following locations:

  • all University car parks including Eldon car park which recently reopened
  • Gunwharf Quays – £4 per day, Monday – Friday (term-time only) collected from Parking Office at Gunwharf Quays car park
  • NCP Crasswell Street – £3.70 per day (discount card can be collected from Estates helpdesk)

Please contact Estates Helpdesk on ext.6677 or email estates.helpdesk@port.ac.uk with any queries.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will continue to look in to alternative parking arrangements.

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  1. What alternative parking have you arranged for disabled drivers working in the portland carpark locale, as a long walk defeats the purpose of close disabled parking.

    • Hello Ian,
      The following disabled bays will be made available early next week to coincide with the closure of Portland car park:
      Portland Road – 2 x disabled bays to be remarked in the current UoP lay-by next to Richmond Building.
      Lion Terrace – 4 x disabled bays will be installed from the cross hatching by Buckingham Building towards the gates to Lion Terrace.

  2. There is also discounted car parking available in Isambard Brunel Multi-storey, Alec Rose Lane, PO1 2BX provided you pay in advance for a Park-It debit card. This gives £100 parking credit for £40 or £220 parking credit for £80. You buy it initially from the PCC offices in Guildhall Square and can then top-up in the car park. More details at: http://www.portsmouth.gov.uk/living/595.html

  3. Are there any plans to utilise the empty Victoria Baths site for staff parking?

  4. Can someone please explain why I have to pay extra to park my car having dropped of my children at school whilst also paying for a parking permit. The state of parking for staff with children is a joke at the University, offer flexible working hours but then you can’t park – why not turn the Victoria Baths site into a car park, or better still don’t give out permits to undergraduate students.

    • Totally agree with you,Gary! This problem is particularly exacerbated if one doesn’t live in Portsmouth.

    • PARKING HELP FOR PEOPLE WITH CHILDREN. I agree – I have to drop my children at school – no earlier than 8.50 in Southsea. I have to walk/cycle as there Is nil hope of getting a space. I’ve often driven to work, to arrive at 9.10 only to have to drive back home and sprint back to work (windblown and fairly sodden in the current climate).

      • Absolutely agree with the PARKING FOR PARENTS issue. Indeed it would seem like a good way for the university to contribute to the Athena Swan agenda if it came up with an arrangement to hold back some parking bays for parents who cannot arrive before 9am!

        Not giving permits to undergraduates (or limiting which car parks they can use) would be a start.

  5. As a Visiting Professor travelling a round trip of 140 miles to Portsmouth one day a week, I find it immensely difficult to park in the university car parks unless I arrive ultra early (which for me means arising at 5.30am). Given that I donate a lot of my time free of charge, pay my own travel expenses, it would seem reasonable that the University should provide some sort of permit and reservation system for visitors like me. At the moment, I just have to keep remembering to buy the £2 permits or go into Gunwharf … both at my own expense. Not asking for special treatment, just a more convenient system.

  6. I totally agree with Gary & Begoña.

    There aren’t any parking facilities in place for parents who take their children to school as it’s impossible to find a parking space after 9 am.

    I remember there were parking bays in place to solve this problem but as they don’t exist anymore, what plans do you have in place to resolve it?

    As Gary says, what is the point of offering flexible working hours if you can’t park.

  7. So many of you often comment on the lack of parking facilities (especially for parents) and references are often made regarding the amount paid and why we allow students to park.
    Please see below some facts that may be of interest:

    We have approximately 1000 spaces across campus, including Langstone Village.
    There are currently just over 1800 staff permit holders on the system, this figure increases daily.
    Students are permitted to park on campus, should they meet the strict criteria.
    Students hold approximately 1.5 % of the permits across the campus.
    Staff, however, are not currently restricted.
    All Permit holders are not guaranteed a space and this is clearly stated in the regulations and application forms.
    Staff are parking on campus on average between 21p and £1 per day. Where else would you park within the city for that price?
    Parking is not a condition of employment but a privilege and spaces were never guaranteed when applying for a permit.

    Victoria site will not be developed for parking facilities, now or in the future.
    Also with the recent publication in December of the local governments Transport and Parking strategy we should all be aiming towards a more sustainable way of travel.

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