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Pablo Arcelino de Lima and Ali Bobaker

Students shortlisted for Telegraph STEM awards

Two University of Portsmouth students who have designed a robotic machine that can ‘print’ walls without human intervention have been shortlisted for The Telegraph 2015 STEM Awards. Ali Bobaker and Pablo Arcelino de…

The start of something big: (l-r) Ed, Qui and Joshua

Winning students passionate about giving back

Three business students have won places on a programme designed to help breathe life into fledgling businesses in one of Africa’s poorest regions. Joshua Shaw, from Portsmouth, Ed Adams, from Pebworth in Warwickshire,…

This is the first Dark Energy Survey map to trace the detailed distribution of dark matter across a large area of sky. The colour represents projected mass density. Yellow and red are regions with more dense matter. The dark matter maps conform to the current picture of mass distribution in the universe where large filaments of matter align with galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The clusters of galaxies are shown by the grey dots in the map — bigger dots represent larger clusters. This map covers three percent of the area of sky that DES will eventually document over its five-year mission. Image: Dark Energy Survey

Mapping dark side of cosmos

An international team of scientists, including from the UK’s University of Portsmouth, today released the first in a series of dark matter maps of the cosmos. The maps, created with one of the…

Masterclass: Sales guru Neil Rackham

Chance to spin more sales out of business

Salespeople can learn how to sell more from an international expert who has advised Fortune 100 companies including IBM, Xerox and AT&T and whose sales methods are used worldwide. Neil Rackham, visiting professor…

Love of learning: The University Library extension opened by PD James

University rises in student experience table

The University of Portsmouth has improved its rating in a major student experience poll. Students have rated Portsmouth at 55 in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey 2015, a rise of six…

People might not be as interested in others as science previously thought

People not as fascinating as science thought

New research challenges the widespread belief among scientists that people are more interested in other people than they are in objects. Dr Beatriz López and colleagues in the University’s Department of Psychology, and…

Domino effect: If poorer countries are not helped back on their feet, their fall will cause richer countries to also fall

Helping the poor helps the rich

The key to wealthy European countries’ economic stability lies in them helping their poorer neighbours maintain economic and financial stability and prosperity, according to new research. At least some of the economic pain…

Sir John Gurdon meets Michael King,  Izzie Bradley and Caitlin McQueen from University of York

Nobel prize winner visits Portsmouth

The University of Portsmouth has played host to over 100 frog experts from as far away as Yale University in the US to discuss new advances in medicine. The UK Xenopus meeting was…

A woman from India’s untouchable class works as a street cleaner. In an area with many silversmiths, she screens the open sewers for silverdust

Rights and dignity under close examination

The rights and dignity of some of the world’s most marginalised people will be given the full attention of leading academic minds at the University of Portsmouth this week. The University is hosting…


Scholarships for care leavers launches

Offered in collaboration with the Unite Foundation, the new scholarship will be available to five students for whom a secure home is of particular importance.

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