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Chris Wagstaff

Brits still think stiff upper lip is best

British people still rely on the old adage ‘keep calm and carry on’ when they are in stressful circumstances, a recent study has found, even though it is bad for them and others….


A year of cosmic wonders

Some of the most breathtaking pictures of the cosmos ever captured taken by the world’s largest and most powerful telescope are being made public from today. The Dark Energy Survey – an international…

SAWARD-Station 1-web

Brightly lit petrol stations inspire hope

The sense of isolation that comes from driving long distances in rural England at night has inspired a photographer to find beauty in lonely petrol stations. Andrew Hayward’s haunting photographs were commissioned by…

Old maps prove a rich source of information for geography students

Lecturer wins award for inspiring research

An inspired idea by a University of Portsmouth geographer has resulted in the University winning a top award for making knowledge more accessible. Professor Humphrey Southall set his first year geography students the…


Students give Portsmouth thumbs up

The University of Portsmouth has again out-ranked the sector average for student satisfaction. In the independent National Student Survey (NSS), 88 per cent said they were satisfied with the quality of their course,…

Student fundraisers and Union officers (l-r): Emily Dell, Orion Brooks, Lucie Cook, Catherine Redding, Kayleigh Teague, Richard Glover, Connar Walford, James Bodin, Adam Jefferies, Roxanna Negru, Grant Clarke, Nick Johnson, Mario Oliveros

Students raise record-breaking £223,000

Students at the University of Portsmouth have raised a record-breaking £223,589 for charity in the past year, significantly more than in the last two years combined. Students raised the funds through activities arranged…

Compass and a map

Laws against piracy seriously flawed

An international law used for 400 years to combat piracy on the high seas and, later, to convict Nazi and Japanese war criminals, is seriously flawed, according to new research. Dr Matt Garrod,…


Local pupils learn about law careers

Local sixth form pupils were given an insight into a career in law at a University of Portsmouth event designed to inspire young people from less privileged backgrounds. The event was organised because…

Tragedy: Humans flock to use up natural resources under threat

Alarmists might be harming environment

Well-meaning lobbyists might be inadvertently causing more harm to the environment than good, according to new research. By making sometimes exaggerated claims about a natural resource – such as clean water or land…

Enwezor  cooking up a storm at home

Home-baking dad on Great British Bake Off

A University of Portsmouth employee and father of four is one of the 12 amateur bakers in this year’s The Great British Bake Off starting on BBC1 next Wednesday. Enwezor Nzegwu, 39, is…

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