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Businesses and customers share the  "warm glow" of doing good

Social responsibility makes everything better

Business and consumers share the burden of companies becoming more socially responsible, and they also share the ‘warm glow’ of reward when it goes well, according to new research. Economists at the University…

Burgeoning democracy of funding: Each marker indicates a successful crowdfunded project

Crowdfunding motivation examined

Economists at the University of Portsmouth have taken a vital step towards understanding how crowdfunding is changing the UK and global financial landscape. Portsmouth Business School and leading crowdfunding platform the Crowdfunding Centre…

Research findings: Asking sportsmen and women to hide their feelings is exhausting and impacts on their performance

If you want to win, let it all out

Sportsmen and women who want to win need to let their feelings out, according to new research. In the first study to examine the effect in endurance sport of suppressing emotions, Dr Chris…

Prehistoric scene with Spinosaurus and Psittacosaurus Dinosaurs

Scientists discover first ever semi-aquatic dinosaur

The fossils of the first ever semi-aquatic dinosaur have been discovered in Moroccan desert cliffs by a team of international scientists. The remains of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus, a 15-metre long, seven-tonne predator, which is…

Intelligent Rita, the face of tomorrow’s healthcare provider

Meet Rita, she’ll be taking care of you

Senior health workers today met the newest member of tomorrow’s healthcare team – an intelligent computerised avatar designed to help take the strain of caring for Britain’s ageing population. University of Portsmouth specialists…

Fighting food fraud: Professor Lisa Jack

Food fraud: The crime in our shopping baskets

Fraud in the food sector doesn’t just risk public health, it denies consumers the quality of produce they’ve pay for and undermines the profits of food companies, according to fraud experts. Professor Lisa…

Closeup of a runners feet barefoot running

Barefoot runners go faster

Barefoot runners use less oxygen and can reach higher speeds, a new study has found. A scientist from the University of Portsmouth found that barefoot runners use their bodies more economically when running…

BRAY-tsunami iStock_WEB

Scientists find evidence of great tsunami in Malta

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have found geological evidence that historic tsunami waves have swept over Malta’s north east coasts up to 20 metres above sea level in some places. The Portsmouth…

Kim Bard chimps

Chimpanzees lose out to humans due to unfair comparisons

Comparing chimpanzee and human development is like comparing a child brought up in a loving family to one brought up in a Romanian orphanage, says a researcher from the University of Portsmouth. Lead…

Chris Wagstaff

Brits still think stiff upper lip is best

British people still rely on the old adage ‘keep calm and carry on’ when they are in stressful circumstances, a recent study has found, even though it is bad for them and others….

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