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British amphibians safer than expected

Killer fungus finding surprises scientists

Scientists have been surprised to find that the major decrease in the number of the UK’s native amphibians has not, as thought, been caused by exposure to diseased colonies of feral African clawed frogs…

Pointing the finger over badly behaved children more common among the poor

Poor more likely to criticise their own

Poor people are much more likely to blame parents for the bad behaviour of children than wealthy people, according to new research. The poor are also more likely to blame people like themselves….

All at sea: Wayne Ingram in his raft ahead of starting his challenge

Extreme science in action

Sports scientists at the University of Portsmouth have been offered a rare opportunity to study how the human body deals with extreme hardship at sea. Professor Mike Tipton and Dr Joe Costello will…

Monitoring pollutants in rivers, lakes and seas a major global concern

Science helps clean up world’s rivers

How experts at Portsmouth are helping to protect water quality worldwide is the subject of a public lecture next week. Professor Graham Mills’ inaugural lecture, ‘From slug pellets to Fukushima’, is on Wednesday,…

The evidence is clear: Market towns are good for people

Market towns are the best

British market towns that have retained their traditional markets are more healthy, more socially active, provide better food security and promote sustainability, according to new research. The research provides the strongest evidence to…


Banks as vulnerable now as before crash

Eurozone banks are as vulnerable to failing today as they were in the run-up to the 2008 global economic crash and subsequent recession, new research published today has found. In the first study to…


Talk explores mystery of Big Bang

An astrophysicist will discuss the secret to understanding the beginning of the Universe in an upcoming talk at the University of Portsmouth. Professor of Cosmology Rob Crittenden has spent his career studying the…

Novel approach: Dr Lorraine Hope

Using memory science to train surgeons

Professor Lorraine Hope will be examining the role of memory in the training of surgeons.

The study was carried out in partnership with the African Women’s Forum

More than half of African women view FGM as abuse

The first study in Hampshire to explore African women’s attitudes to female genital mutilation (FGM) reveals that more than half the women interviewed view FGM as abuse. Out of 55 women interviewed from…

Brands with strong stories do better

Brands with stories live happily ever after

More businesses would have happy endings if they started with stories, according to new research. Managers need to be able to spin a great yarn as easily as they manage people and budgets,…

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