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Waste not, want not: Professor Ashraf Labib

Better housekeeping could save councils millions

Local governments in the UK could save £168m a year by checking how many expensive software licences are actually being used and what each costs, according to new research. Many local councils are…

Wyman Babbage’s crocodile eye – the image accompanies text describing to children the workings of a crocodile's eye

Illustrators bring creatures to life

Hundreds of mammals, birds, insects, reptiles and fish in ink, in paint, on film and in the air are being exhibited after what started as a small project for illustration students took on…


What next for equal rights?

A man who has dedicated his life to campaigning for equal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people is to speak at the University. Peter Tatchell, a political campaigner who is…

youth smoking map

New map predicts UK youth smoking

New figures released today estimate smoking rates among young people in local areas for the first time. Modelled by University of Portsmouth and the University of Southampton and commissioned by Public Health England and…

Professor Darek Gorecki

Scientists identify new disease treatment path

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have discovered a previously unknown phenomenon that means diseased muscle cells literally eat themselves to death. The researchers say this previously unrecognised mechanism could have far reaching…

Matt Wingett

Portsmouth is the home of great writing

The creative effect the city of Portsmouth has had on several important writers will be explored at a talk at the University of Portsmouth. Charles Dickens, widely regarded as one of the finest…

A computer generated image of the SKA-MID, with 15m wide dish telescopes to track objects. When it is built, the field will also include aperture array telescopes, able to electronically point at multiple regions of the sky simultaneously. CREDIT: SKA Organisation

Cosmologists prepare to make atlas of Universe

Cosmologists from the University of Portsmouth are among those preparing to make the biggest map of the Universe ever created. Scientists from Portsmouth’s Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation are part of an international…


Astounding film up for top award

Four students who have taken an in-depth look at disability have been nominated for a prestigious award. Living Differently, a documentary about people with different disabilities, has been shortlisted in the factual category…

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