Information for new students

Information for parents and guardians


Studying at university can be an exciting, challenging and sometimes daunting experience for students and parents. This page provides some information to help you to support students in their first few weeks at the University.

Induction week

Induction week helps students settle into life at University. It provides students with guidance on what to expect on their course and provides information about all the student support services available in relation to studying and student life in the city of Portsmouth.

Studying at university

Studying at university is flexible, meaning that students can work in a way that suits them. Learning takes place through a combination of lectures, seminars, group tutorials, individual tutorials, group work and self-directed study, but the balance and type will depend on the subject.

Changing course

Students who start their studies but decide the course they’ve chosen is not for them should talk to their personal tutor in the first instance. It is possible in some cases for students to transfer within the University to an alternative course. For advice and guidance, students can contact Purple Door Careers and Recruitment on 023 9284 2684.

Encouraging independent living and learning

All students are treated as independent adults and as such are entitled to a confidential relationship with us. For that reason we are not able to discuss students’ studies, progress or attainment with parents, guardians or other interested parties. In some cases, such as employer-funded or sponsored study, we are able to share information with these bodies, but this will be made clear prior to a student’s enrolment. Similarly, we may not be able to discuss a student’s whereabouts or lifestyle. If you have a particular concern about a student’s safety or wellbeing, our Student Advice Services may be able to advise you.

Personal tutors and lecturing staff

We don’t expect students who are new to higher education to arrive at university as fully formed independent learners, and so we provide the support and guidance to facilitate students’ learning as well as the exchange of knowledge and ideas through lectures, seminars and other learning events.

All students will be assigned a personal tutor who can act as a helpful point of contact and all academic staff are approachable and accessible.

University community

Our students join an inclusive community that includes not only fellow students and staff, but also the wider community of people who live and work in the city of Portsmouth. They will benefit in many ways and develop socially from being part of a vibrant community, with people from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds, where equality, diversity and tolerance are promoted and upheld.

University of Portsmouth Student Charter

The student charter outlines the University’s commitment to supporting such an inclusive community. In return we expect our students to act as responsible citizens, to support diversity and equality, and to treat staff, students, visitors and the University’s buildings and facilities with respect and dignity.

The University will not tolerate bullying, harassment or irresponsible behaviour and has mechanisms in place to deal with any such behaviour.

Student facilities and support services

The University provides a network of academic and pastoral support to provide students with the help and advice they need to keep them safe and happy. We also offer extensive careers and volunteering services and sports and recreational programmes. More information about the extra-curricula activities and benefits available for students at the University is available on MyPort, our student website.

Registering with a doctor and dentist

All students should register with a doctor as soon as they get here. More information about registering for a doctor in Portsmouth is available on MyPort.


We advise students to be vaccinated against meningitis C and measles, mumps and rubella before they come to the University. The latest meningitis vaccination does not protect against all strains of the virus and it is important to be aware of the early symptoms, more information is available on MyPort.

Crime prevention

The University of Portsmouth Police Liaison scheme provides a contact point for University students and staff.

For general enquiries, or if you are not sure who to ask, use the general contact details and you will be talking to our MyPort Information Hub team.