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Why Portsmouth?

The People

We may have excellent facilities and a great location, but it is our students and staff that make Portsmouth stand out. Meet a few here.



Sarah Murray

Sarah studies BA (Hons) English and Media Studies at the University's School of Social, Historical and Literary Studies. In her free time, she volunteers to raise funds for a breast cancer charity - a cause she is passionate about.

Wesley Reuel

Wesley shows us his favourite places to photograph and talks about his experience as an international student from Brazil.

Caroline Gachathi

From the unique independent shops in Albert Road to the well-known brands at Gunwharf Quays, Caroline gives us a quick guide to shopping.

Mohsen Seifi

Mohsen takes time out from his research to tell us what it's like to be a PhD student at the University of Portsmouth.

Zoe Horrell

Zoe explains the benefit of this work placement in terms of experience for her dream job and expanding her knowledge of the working world.

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Professor Jim Smith

Professor Jim Smith explains that humans are worse for wildlife than nuclear disaster, according to the first long-term study at Chernobyl.

Dr Karen Masters

Karen explains the speeds a rocket will need to be travelling in order to get into orbit and up to the International Space Station.

Dr Nick Savage

Nick explains the threat we are facing from social engineering and how we build cyber security into all computing courses.

Dr Juliane Kaminski

Juliane explains how research into social cognitive skills in dogs reveals something that we do not see in other animals.

Dr David Martill

New species of Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs are still being discovered today and you don’t have to be an expert to find one.

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Alicia Pickup

Alicia discusses the benefits of travelling and volunteering and explains how she has received positive results in job searches as a consequence.

Astrid Hall

Astrid tells us how she is growing into her career and what advice she has for students looking for a similar career.

Will Deakin

William explains how his course not only gave him the technical expertise, but also the experience through a one-year placement in industry.

Dr Stella Adagiri

Stella tells us about the support she has received from the University of Portsmouth Enterprise Team in setting up her own business.

Tom Cowan

Tom graduated in 2011 with an MSc in Business & Management and has since gone on to become managing director of his own company.

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