The University of Portsmouth is engaged in a range of citizen research projects designed to involve the public in academic research.

  • Welcome to the Zooniverse

    While machines and automated codes can classify large amounts of data, they are not always adequate replacements for human abilities. After all, our brains have evolved to be extremely good at pattern recognition. The Zooniverse project enables anyone with an internet connection to log in and start classifying real data, from identifying galaxy types, to monitoring penguins in remote regions.

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    Welcome to the Zooniverse
  • What we do

    At the University of Portsmouth, we support the preparation and submission of Zooniverse proposals to the Citizen Science Alliance (CSA). We have also developed a data analysis toolbox to help analyse and visualize the results of citizens interacting with your data, enabling you to more quickly answer your research questions.

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    What we do
  • The Zooniverse is looking for new projects and you can help

    Do you have a large amount of data that needs human classification? Do you want to increase public awareness for your research in an interactive way?

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    The Zooniverse is looking for new projects and you can help