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We'll help you continue your learning throughout your career with our range of CPD, short and postgraduate courses

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We offer many courses and opportunities that can help our alumni to continue their learning – from postgraduate courses to informative podcasts.


Postgraduate study

Whether you want to gain a deeper understanding of the field you work in, learn a new skill or back up your knowledge with greater academic understanding, the university is here to support your continuous learning. 

We have a range of postgraduate courses available and you may also be interested in applying for one of our research degrees, where you can put your knowledge to work and contribute to the internationally-recognised research we're doing. You'll emerge with skills and experience that'll help you go further in your career, whatever your aspirations are.

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Keep an eye out on the first Wednesday of every month for our series of podcasts entitled ‘Inspire me to’ created to motivate, inspire and entertain you.

Television and broadcasting student Maddison Young will be interviewing a variety of guests – many of whom are alumni – at different stages in their careers, and in a range of different subject areas. 

With some fascinating stories and helpful tips and advice, this new series can assist you during your own journey.

Lynda Harding

Inspire me to…take a product to market

Have you got a unique product idea but just don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re in the process of launching your own product and need some advice on how to take the next step?

In this podcast listen to how Ewan the Dream Sheep went from an idea to becoming the award-winning product he is today. Lynda will be offering hints and tips about how to overcome some of the obstacles she faced along the way, how she entered the international market and how she is continually looking to review and improve her products.

Shifra Kirby

Inspire me to creative passion

Pursuing a creative career can mean taking a leap of faith. It can potentially be seen as a bit risky, especially if you have been brought up around influences of family and friends who believe that you should follow a more traditional career path. In this episode of our ‘Inspire me to’ podcasts, we welcome Shifra Kirby to discuss the courage and hard-work it has taken for her to pursue her creative passion.

Shifra was always planning to pursue a career in law, but changed her mind at the last minute to follow her dream. Shifra graduated in 2018 with a degree in film production and only three months after graduating secured a dream role doing something completely different to what she envisaged just a few years ago.  It hasn’t been easy but Shifra has followed her heart and pursued a creative career which she is absolutely loving. 

If you're currently trying to make a decision whether to pursue your creative passion, we hope this episode offers you inspiration and information you need to help you make the best choice for you.

Tom Dilrew

Inspire me to...push my limits

It takes a certain kind of person to push themselves to the absolute limit, but for some people this is what motivates them and is part of their everyday life. Tom Dilrew is a Portsmouth graduate who has pushed himself both mentally and physically to train and complete marathons in a number of countries including Rome, Sydney, Rio, Toronto, Singapore and Cape Town.

Tom is experienced in pushing his body to the limit and talks about what motivates him, how he has embraced each challenge and how he overcomes weakness and self doubt - advice that can be applied both personally and professionally. His final goal in his seven continents marathon challenge is the Antarctic Ice Marathon in 2020.

Heather Barrie

Inspire me to...find my passion

Discovering, trialling and ultimately following your passion is a subject Heather Barrie who is one of our Entrepreneurs in Residence here at the University of Portsmouth, knows a lot about. 

Heather has a fascinating background that took her from the corporate world to making the leap of purchasing a coffee truck and becoming the founder of Harrie’s Coffee, an independent, ethical, Sussex-based coffee and coffee machine supplier. Heather has since won the Chichester Observer Business Award for her outstanding local business engagement and has appeared on BBC radio and TV including the Victoria Derbyshire Show. 

If you are hoping to find your passion in life and turn it into a business venture then we hope you will find this episode inspiring and it may even give you the confidence to take that leap of faith.

Ming Wu

Inspire me to...make-innovate-collaborate 

Portsmouth MRes Technology graduate Ming Wu, along with his two colleagues has created a space in Portsmouth for creative people to make, innovate and collaborate. The Makers Guild is a community interest company designed to unlock creative potential. They achieve this by providing opportunities and accessibility to creative networks, facilities and equipment. What makes Ming’s story so inspiring is that he is turning his passion of product design into a community business to inspire and support others. Ming is Portsmouth born and bred and hopes to improve the city with ventures such as his.

Sorina Toltica and Danielle Hayter

Inspire me to...take my studies to the next level 

The thought of studying for a PhD can seem like a daunting prospect to most of us and we may assume that someone studying for one is particularly clever or academically minded. You might have questions about how they fit into university life? Are they considered a student or professional? Why would you study for a PhD and what happens next if you do study for one?  

Sorina and Danielle are both graduates of the University of Portsmouth and are now studying for a social science PhD here, due to complete in 2021. They will talk to us about their experiences and help us to dispel some of the myths. They have been awarded a scholarship with the South Coast Doctoral Training Partnership which is a collaboration between the University of Southampton, Brighton and Portsmouth. The aim of the collaboration is to deliver the latest developments in training in research methods and skills to produce highly qualified and rounded social scientists, equipped to meet contemporary economic and social challenges.

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