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University of Portsmouth London Campus

Welcome to London's newest university

Why is the University of Portsmouth coming to Waltham Forest? Simple: we have so much in common. We're two young, vibrant, diverse and welcoming communities and see massive opportunities for us both to grow by working together.

We know that education has the power to transform people, places and industry and we want to make that power accessible, so you can get on with achieving your goals. 


From 2024 we’ll offer courses in the following areas:


  • Business, Management and Marketing
  • Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Engineering and Construction Project Management

Can’t see what you’re looking for?

More subjects will be added over the next few years including; economics, health and social care, artificial intelligence, climate and environmental management among others.

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Courses will be delivered weekly in 2 blocks of 4 hours (undergraduate) or 1 block of 8 hours (postgraduate) as well as scheduled tutorials. Lectures will be recorded and learning resources available online, providing on-demand, always-accessible content and the flexibility to study at a time that suits you.
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Degree apprenticeships
Designed around employer needs, our degree apprenticeships introduce knowledge and skills to apply straight away at work. Employers benefit from highly motivated employees, who will gain their degree on day release.
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Continuous Professional Development

Professional growth doesn’t need to take years. We’ll offer a range of CPD and short courses that get people ready to raise their game in the workplace. We’re happy to advise employers and employees on options to suit their needs

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Studies that fit around you
Study for a degree without sacrificing important responsibilities like work or caring for family. Block teaching and digital tech make this possible and we take care to give you the support you need to make the most out of your time with us.
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Ambitions for a better future
Our goal is to empower students to build the life and career they want. And to make a real contribution to their communities. That’s why sustainability, green tech and the environment will be key themes across our courses, research and innovation activities.
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Industry connections

Our courses are relevant to the rapidly changing world. We build strong links with local employers so our students can work on real projects, gain valuable skills through placements and make professional contacts. We also offer learning at work opportunities for staff and bespoke CPD programmes.

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Local schools and colleges

We want to make mutually supportive connections with the local education community and help inspire young people to explore their options for life after school and college. From choosing the right course to preparing for the student experience, we offer a range of presentations, workshops, activities and advice.

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Third sector
As part of their degrees, students will be working on projects with a community focus so we’re looking for local projects to help them gain real industry experience that has a direct and positive impact on the area in which they live and study.
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People of Waltham Forest
As a civic university focussed on the future, we hope local people will love what we bring to the area. From community-based student projects to new jobs and courses that meet employers’ needs, we’re here to help provide increased opportunities for everyone in Waltham Forest.
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