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our commitment to the planet

Explore the environmental policies and sustainable procedures we have in place, and discover how they're making a real impact

The future of our planet is in everyone's hands. We're doing our bit to help. We hold an ISO 14001 certification, meaning our environmental work is internationally-recognised for its effectiveness. 

Our Energy and Environment team oversee this work including our recycling and waste initiatives, encouraging us all to live, think and work from a greener perspective. 

We’re busy redesigning our website and this section is still a work-in-progress – but you can still find out the impact of our sustainability initiatives in our Environmental Sustainability Performance Report [PDF] or check out the sustainability information on our old website

Our policies and procedures

  • Energy and carbon reduction: We plan to reduce energy use and limit the amount of carbon we produce
  • Sustainable travel: We're encouraging our students, staff and people in the city to change travel habits to improve air quality, reduce carbon emissions and bolster public health
  • Recycling and waste management: We dispose of all waste correctly and recycle the waste we produce, and we're encouraging all our people to re-use and recycle more
  • Sustainable procurement: We're empowering our staff to consider the environment in all their purchasing decisions
  • Sustainable construction: We're designing, building and maintaining our buildings with the health of the environment in mind
  • Green Portsmouth: We're inspiring and motivating our staff and students to take a greater role in protecting our planet

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