Student constructing a model in Eldon Production Centre

Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate

We expect more than just academic achievement from our students, and our Hallmarks help define those expectations

Knowledgeable, informed, intellectually curious, responsible, self-aware, self-motivated, independent and set for success in their future careers. These are characteristics we want all our students to have.

The Portsmouth Hallmark is a key part of our 2016-2020 Education Strategy. We support our students to gain the Hallmarks of a Portsmouth Graduate throughout their time at university.

Our graduates will:

  • Have a critical and reflective knowledge and understanding of their subject, with both the ability and readiness to question its principles, practices and boundaries.
  • Think independently, analytically and creatively, and engage imaginatively with new areas of investigation within and across discipline boundaries.
  • Be able to synthesise new and existing knowledge to generate ideas and develop creative solutions of benefit to the economy and society.
  • Be intellectually curious, embrace challenges and seize opportunities for development.
  • Be able to locate, access and critically engage with information, using current and emerging digital technologies.
  • Be informed citizens, with a sense of responsibility allied to a commitment to ethical practice and social justice issues, such as equality, respect and sustainability.
  • Be effective team players, able to provide leadership and to support the success of others.
  • Be able to communicate clearly and effectively, in a range of forms and to different audiences.
  • Have an enterprising spirit, bringing innovation and productivity to the groups and communities to which they belong.
  • Be able to work in a range of environments, responding positively to new situations by being aware, flexible, adaptable and realistic in their expectations.
  • Be proactive in recognising and addressing personal development needs, and able to make informed career decisions

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