Research Interests

  • Activism; 
  • Anarchist Criminology; 
  • Atrocity Crimes;
  • Democracy;  
  • International Criminal Law; 
  • Resistance; 
  • State Crime; 
  • State Crimes Against Democracy; 
  • War and Civil Conflict; 

Teaching Responsibilities

I am a module coordinator for: 

  • Level 5 Global Environmental Justice; 
  • Level 5 Crimes of the Powerful; 
  • Level 6 State Crime; and 
  • Level 7 Criminal Justice in a Global Context (Distance Learning). 

Aside from the aforementioned, I teaching across a number of modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with a focus on state criminality, international criminal law, anarchist criminology, and environmental inequality. 

Media Availability

I am open for approach on the following matters: 

  • violations and breaches of human rights; 
  • atrocity crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes, crimes of aggression); 
  • the International Criminal Court; 
  • anarchism and the extreme left; 
  • social inequality.