Dr Amra Bone


I am Amra. I grew up in Birmingham and my adventurous streak has led me to work in ten different cities in the UK, and now I have finally landed in Portsmouth.

I have taught English and Mathematics as a teacher and have been a head teacher. I moved on to do a Masters and a Doctorate in Islamic Sciences, at the University of Birmingham. I have worked at universities including Birmingham, Warwick, Bristol and at Cambridge Muslim College, teaching Islam in the Modern World, Islamic ethics, theology law and gender relationships. My specialism and interests include Qur’anic Exegesis, Reason and Revelation, Science and Religion and Islamic Finance.

I have advised on a number of government reports and appeared in many television and radio documentaries. I am described as the first female Sharia Council Panel Judge in the UK; helping women to come out of difficult and abusive marriages and promoting 'gender justice’. I continue to present in national and international interfaith conferences and have been involved in local and national activities designed to promote community cohesion through education and dialogue.

I love gardening and growing organic herbs and vegetables. I enjoy playing badminton and table tennis.