Burhan Saeed Portrait

Dr Burhan Saeed


I am a Lecturer in the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering. I have a BEng(Hons) degree in Aerospace Engineering, a Masters degree in Advanced Dynamics Engineering and my PhD thesis concerned "Exploring the aerodynamic characteristics of a blown-annular wing for V/STOL aircraft".

specialise in experimental aerodynamics and the study of vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft. My other reseach interests are non-conventional high lift devices to reliase the future of a flying car. 

I particularly deploy state of the art methodologies to make learning active and enhance student engagement such as industrial visits to stimulate young engineering minds and augment their passion for the subject.

Research interests

  • Experimental Aerodynamics
  • Flying Cars
  • Gurney Flaps
  • High lift devices 
  • Vertical/short take-off and landing