Mr Danny Atkins


Danny recently returned to the Physics Section after spending many years in the defence industry followed by four years researching his PhD in the Portsmouth Business School. At Portsmouth University he has completed an honours degree in Applied Physics, a Certificate in Education, an MSc in Microwave Solid State Physics, an MBA, and a Certificate in Research Methodology. He also has a Graduateship in Electronics from the C&G London. He has supported Continual Professional Development throughout his career and has mentored people working towards both professional qualifications and academic studies. He has worked as a material scientist, a metrologist, a systems manager and project manager during his time in industry. He has reached Chartered status in Physics and Engineering, as well as attaining Eur Ing status. Recently he has worked in the area of Knowledge Exchange with the Portsmouth Business School and is currently promoting the work carried out by the South East Physics network (SEPnet) in the University and to industry.

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