I joined Portsmouth Business School in October 2015 after working as a visiting lecturer at Cardiff University. My PhD thesis on collective memory and mnemonic politics received the Best Critical Dissertation Award at the 2015 Academy of Management in Vancouver. My research has been published in leading journals, such as Organization Studies. Previously, I worked as a change management consultant in the IT, Construction, and Education sector. I got my academic training at the LSE (MSc in Anthropology and Development) and Sharif University of Technology (MBA). This multidisciplinary background informs my academic role and shapes my research interests.

Research Interests

My research focuses on identification processes, memorialization and strategic use of history, and the way these practices influence collective action, power relations, and social/organisational change. I am particularly interested in empirical research using ethnographic methods or discourse analysis techniques and theories, such as storytelling, rhetoric and psychoanalytic analysis. In my research, I explore how collective memories- i.e. how the past is remembered by different groups- influence a wide range of organizational behaviour. I examine this in different contexts, from the internal politics of organizational change to the interaction between business and civil society organizations.

In another stream of research, I  examine 'narrative leadership' to understand what type of stories are being used by leaders- for example at times of crisis- and examine their impact. In particular, I explore this in the context of digitalization which has fundamentally changed how we communicate.

More recently, I am using my expertise in the above theoretical areas to help understand how we can overcome the challenges of organizing for a sustainable future. 

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