I am a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and I lead the Mechanical Bahaviour of Materials group. I joined the University of Portsmouth in 1996 as a Senior Research Fellow, after a PhD on mixed mode fracture from the University of Sheffield and a brief period of postdoctoral research on matrix cracking of laminated composites at the University of Surrey.  I was appointed Professor of Mechanical Engineering in 2006.

My current research interests are in the area of mechanics of materials and biomechanics, focusing on deformation, fatigue and fracture behaviour of engineering and biological materials and systems. There are essentially two main questions we try to answer: how materials and components respond to complex loading conditions; and how micro-structural properties dictate global material or structural responses. I collaborate with industrial partners on fatigue and fracture of aero-engine materials; and with NHS hospital colleagues on biomechanical behaviour of implants and scaffolds.

Our research has been funded by the EPSRC, MRC, the Royal Society, TSB and Arthritis Research UK.

Research Interests

  • Full-field studies of cracks using DIC, DVC and integrated FE analysis
  • Constitutive modeling of engineering alloys
  • Processing-structure-properties of AM materials
  • Mechanics of fracture and fatigue crack growth

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