I am a writer and director producing short and feature-length fiction films.  I originally founded The Big Dipper Film Company whereby I made 6 shorts and screened them around the world, I also co-produced and wrote a screenplay for the David Leavitt novel, 'While England Sleeps'. More recently I set up Offside Pictures Limited for the production of a feature-length fiction film project (also called Offside) for an intended theatrical release. To add to this, I have another production company called JL2, for which I develop and make short films/ corporate films and music videos with my partner, James Loosemore. 

Research Interests

A lot of my work as a filmmaker involves identity and the search for the true self. Cenetering aroud the fictional gay male, my work often reflects this quest for cultural and social acceptance. I have 3 features in development ranging from a trans-themed horror to a story about gay footballers in the Premier League.

I've been interested in the appearance of homosexual men onscreen since my formative years and have found the characterization of these men impactful on my own development as a young teen growing up in rural towns and as a young adult engaging in film production. The work of filmmakers such as Derek Jarman, Gus Van Sant and more recently Marco Berger intrigue me as a lyrical film maker. 

As an adult gay male, the portrayal of the sexualized gay men on screen is hugely important to me as a filmmaker. Representation and inclsuivity is key to most of my work in the cultural realm.