An executive producer in School of Media and Performing Arts on a .2 contract. 

Lou Doye (as she is know industry) is an executive producer with international production experience in the entertainment and music industry. In 2019 she became a digital fellow to the Royal Shakespeare Company and Magic Leap. Trained at London Contemporary Dance School, she has performed in Matthew Bourne  productions and in the  West End CATS . She has been an artistic director of a  UK NPO theatre and  now explores imaginative territories with artists and technologists. Leading sessions for CannesXR Film Festival , TIFF Norway, VRTL Belgium,  this year becoming chair of the board for Kaleidoscope Transformations grant USA. 

Research Interests

Digital fellow to Magic Leap and the Royal Shakespeare Company I am an executive producer and artistic director developing exciting new ideas and projects with resarch attached. From performer with Matthew Bourne to artistic directorship I have a detailed knowledge needed to create quality art.

My research interest mainly focuses on executive producing models attached to my industry practice. I run two limited production companies that work with international artists and writers and tour work with those artists internationally. Good at building collaborations and partnerships, previous projects have flourished more recently introducing the University of Portsmouth to many industry organisations such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, (RSC) Chichester Festival Theatre and The National Theatre., Digital Catapult Centres. These connections have now lead to partnership projects contributing to the research output of the University of Portsmouth. Most recently the RSC Audiences of the Future project. For two years British arts companies, global technology giants and top British universities, will work together to explore what it means to perform live using emerging technologies with the intention of delivering an immersive live performance on multiple platforms in 2020.

The full list of partner include;

De Montfort University
Epic Games
i2 Media Research Limited
Magic Leap
Manchester International Festival
Marshmallow Laser Feast
Phi Centre
Philharmonia Orchestra
University of Portsmouth
The Space

Previous roles within the creative sector have included artistic direction for venues and businesses. In the last Arts council National Portfolio round securing £998,000 Arts Council funding for the New Theatre Royal in Portsmouth before leaving to set up my own production companies. The artistic vision has allowed the theatre to enter into a new phase of research, debate and practise. Over the last four years i have executive produced and raised funds with artists, venues, university academics to secure over six millions pounds of funding to enable performances and research to take place. For over twenty five years I have been working professionally in the sector with venues and artists on a variety of productions that have toured, or transferred to the West End some of these include; Gypsy, Singing in the Rain, Billy Elliot.

Over the last five years my research focus has been primarily on the collaboration between artists and technologists and how producing and funding models are having to evolve to respond to the demand from audiences to make work of this nature.