I am Independent Medical Officer (IMO) at the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science, and Visiting Senior Lecturer in the Extreme Environments Research Group. As IMO, I help researchers keep their participants safe, advising on protocol design, participant selection and training. As a researcher, I am passionate about paragliding, air and mountain sports and my work is geared towards making them safer and more enjoyable.


I am a doctor with a background in anaesthesia and critical care. My PhD explored the relative contributions of pilot, equipment and environmental stress to paragliding incidents. My MSc was in Mountain Medicine, focussing on cerebral altitude illness. I have worked as a Flight Physician in East Africa, an Altitude Physician in Nepal and an Expedition Doctor in the Andes. I am a Director of Adventure Medic Ltd. and Deputy Director of the RCPSG International Diploma in Expedition and Wilderness Medicine. I divide my time between clinical work, research and industry.

Research Interests

  • Paragliding and free flight safety
  • Environmental stress in pilot performance
  • Wearable technology and remote monitoring
  • Expedition and wilderness medicine