I am a senior lecturer in the School of Mathematics and Physics at University of Portsmouth (UoP) and a co-coordinator for REF 2021, subject Mathematical Sciences. I hold a PhD degree obtained from Lancaster University for the thesis entitled ‘Quantum Random Walks' (in the area of quantum probability). I specialise in developing stochastic and statistical models for various phenomena, e.g., modelling language evolution with automated speech analysis. I’m also involved in pure mathematics projects on quntum probability (quantum stochastic calculus), linear algebra (inverse eigenvalue problems) and functional analysis (bounds on the Kalton constant). I’m a keen programmer and Machine Learning enthusiast; most of my publications have benefitted from computer simulations and data analysis. 

I'm also a Department Research Degrees Coordinator (DRDC) for the School of Mathematics and Physics, REF Co-Coordinator and seminar organiser for Mathematics:

Research Interests

  • Applications of Machine Learnig models
  • Probability theory, Stochastic Processes, and their applications
  • Noncommutative probability
  • Inverse Eigenvalue Problems
  • Functional Analysis (Operator algebras)

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Statistical Learning
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Mathematics for Finance
  • Computational Mathematics