I joined the University in 2000 to work as a researcher on an EPSRC project characterising the indoor communications channel and a Radiocommunications Agency (now OFCOM) sponsored project characterising radiowave propagation through vegetation. I had previously worked for a defence contractor and a computer networking company.

I started work as a lecturer in the (then) Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering in 2002 where I became the Admissions Tutor and Programme Coordinator for all undergraduate and integrated Masters Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering and Networking degree programmes. I was the Course Leader for the BSc (Hons) Computer Networks degree programme and the Programme Manager for the Foundation Degree (FDEng) in Electronic Engineering with the Royal Navy.

I have been the Head of the School of Computing since 2013, responsible for the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the School; as well as leading the School towards realising the University’s strategic vision. I also have a keen research interest in the development of secure systems, identifying vulnerabilities in systems, utilising features to identify users and network protocol analysis.

Research Interests

Completed research projects

  • Applying Biometric Techniques to Features Extracted from Users in Virtual Worlds (completed¬† 2017)
  • Energy Efficient Routing in Underwater Sensor Networks (completed by 2014)
  • A study of application level information from the volatile memory of Windows computer systems (completed 2012)
  • Biometric identification using user interactions with virtual worlds (completed 2012)
  • An assessment of motivational influences of technology students in HE and FE (completed 2009)

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