I am a Principal Physiologist at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). As a Visiting Senior Lecturer I aspire to facilitate the exploitation of capabilities and work being undertaken by the school within the Defence and Security communities. I am also interested in supporting those with an interest in working with occupational groups with their professional development.


I have worked at Dstl since 2003 focusing on the performance of Defence and Security personnel. My academic background is in physiology, but my current project work is interdisciplinary in nature and covers the physical and cognitive aspects of performance. My PhD was undertaken within the School and investigated the effect of wearing military loads on ventilatory function and solider performance.

Research Interests

  • Human performance in users of personal protective equipment.
  • Maximising human performance of occupational groups.
  • Human augmentation of occupational groups
  • Reducing soldier burden
  • Load carriage