I am an exceptional multi functional and talented business leader/consultant with real expertise and practice in most aspects of today's business environment. My unique mix of skills, education and experience owes itself in great part to 38 years of working with some of the most powerful and recognised multinational brands in the world. These include, but are not restricted to: IBM, Shell, Ernst & Young, Courtaulds, John Brown, Mosaix (Digital Systems International and Viewstar Software Inc), Gulf Inspection International, Aventis, Syngenta, Renault, Philips, AXA Fortis, Egg, KOC, Burroughs Machines and BP.

Research Interests

One of my own interests for future research lies in the practice of linking strategy and its implementation to ERM and Corporate Governance and bench marking these across differing types of organisational business models (Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Middle Eastern and Latino incl Latin American). I would be especially delighted to exchange insights, debates and discussions on these topics.

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