I joined the University of Portsmouth in 2016; previously I was Guest Lecturer in the Bergen Arkitekthøgskole (Norway) and Lecturer in the Pontifical University of Salamanca (Madrid). In 2014 I obtained my Ph.D. in the Polytechnic University of Madrid with a dissertation on the urban models by Archizoom and Andrea Branzi that was shortlisted for the X Arquia/Tesis prizes and the X BIAU biennale. I qualified as an Architect in the ETSAM (Madrid), and studied also in the Polythecnic Univeristy of Turin.

My free-lance professional practice started in 2004. In 2006 I founded, together with David Franco, MISC Arquitectos. Our work has been awarded prizes in several competitions, published in Spanish and international magazines and displayed in exhibitions such as Europan Generations in the Cité de l´Architecture et du Patrimoine in Paris, or Alter-Polis in the Intermediae-Matadero Madrid Art center.

Prior to my independent practice, I collaborated with Abalos & Herreros and CANVAS, both in Madrid and Barcelona, being involved in a wide variety of projects including hospitals, collective housing, office buildings, parks and industrial facilities.

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on the links between history, theory and practice and on the relation between architecture and its wider cultural, social and political environment. I am particularly interested in the critical potential enclosed by radical and extreme attitudes as well as in the role of the dialectic pairs that define the boundaries, and therefore the field, of the discipline itself. Pairs such as expression vs neutrality, political antagonism vs. pragmatic integration, realism vs. escapism, objective vs. subjective, perennial vs. ephemeral, etc.