I am a Microbial Biotechnologist and Director of TeeGene Biotech Ltd. with 20 years’ research experience on novel biotechnological approach in bioproduct development. I am a recipient of TU Enterprise Project of the Year – 2016 award and SAB Award of Excellence in Microbial Biotechnology. I am a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts, Member of the Institute of Environmental Science and Associate member of IChemE. I am serving as Research Topic Editor of Frontiers in Microbiology and Associate Editor of ‘Frontiers in Environmental Science. I have published over 100 journals and conference publications (Source: ORCID). I am serving as Visiting Professor at SOA University (India).

I have completed with distinctions in BSc Zoology (PSG College) & MSc Ecobiology (Bharathiar University), and MPhil Environmental Science (Anna University) followed by a PhD in Environmental Microbiology at Bharathiar University (India). Then Completed Advanced Biologics and Biopharmaceutical summer school at Cambridge University and New Entrepreneur course at Teesside University Business School. I spent one year on a postdoc research officer at Ulster University in Prof Ibrahim Banat’s Biosurfactant Research group, followed by an US DOE sponsored Research Scientist position at Brookhaven National Laboratory; New York (USA) to work on the mineral-microbe association and their regulation of enzyme catalysed transformations. Then, I worked as Postdoctoral Fellow at the ERDF/HEIF Bioremediation programme at Teesside University to help over 50 industries in the Northeast and introduced ‘bioremediation’ as a part of their strategic waste management plans and Co-Investigated in DEFRA funded Bio-recycling: Resource recovery and reduction of oily hazardous wastes via biosurfactant washing and bioremediation and EU LIFE 3 programme on Biomass, Remediation, Regeneration (BioReGen): Reusing Brownfield Sites for Renewable Energy Crops.

I have coordinated BfB KTN sponsored FROPTOP project: ‘Exploring the biocatalytic pathways of the microbial biosurfactant production from biodiesel industry residual glycerine’ and this work led to the creation of the spin-out company TeeGene. The company was runner-up at IChemE – Best Business Start-up award 2015 and IBLF award 2015.

I have been selected to represent British R&D delegation to New Zealand British High Commission to establish collaborative links in Agriculture and Plant and Food Research with New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes in Feb 2016, followed by organising a BBSRC sponsored Algal Biotechnology workshop at Cawthron Institute in 2017.  I have been part of Royal Society-Indian DST funded research network development project, running a Biofuel workshop in India followed by a RCUK sponsored Waste Valorisation. I took part in an international Indo-Thai collaborative workshop on new biofuel technology with the support of the Prime Minister’s Initiative. Most recently we have organised 1st Sino-British Algal Biotechnology Forum at the Institute of Hydrobiology, Wuhan (Chinese academy of Science) and formed a major Sino-British academic/industry collaborative network funded by BBSRC Phyconet.

I have collaboratively secured five Business Interaction Vouchers from BBSRC-CBMNet, BBSRC-Phyconet, BBSRC-Metals in Biology net, BBSRC-HVCfP, BBSRC-Foodwastenet and two proof of concept grants from BBSRC-CBMNet. The BBSRC grant has enabled TeeGene Biotech to undertake a project to explore the use of naturally occurring microorganisms, microalgae, in the treatment of industrial waste water as well as their potential as a high value chemical ingredient. We have also scale-up our biosurfactant production process in 150L fermenter at BBEPP pilot plant Belgium using the INTERREG EU BBNWE consortium grant. I have been working in various interdisciplinary projects which include Bioprocess and Biotechnology. My current research is concentrated on the Biosurfactants and collaborative with companies to commercialise the technology.


  • Biosurfactants and Bio-emulsifiers for cosmetics and therapeutic applications
  • Fermentation based Biotherapeutics using alternate feed
  • Water and Wastewater treatment using biotechnology
  • Bionanomaterials synthesis – Gold, silver, platinum, copper, Iron group of metals
  • Carbon capturing through Algal Biorefinery and valorisation of wastes (organic, metals, sewage, industrial sludge, food waste, municipal solid waste)

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