Pere's background is in industrial design, 20th Century classical music and electroacoustics. He trained as a design draughtsman for the G.E.C. and the British Post Office where he also took mechanical and electrical engineering. Later he studied for a degree in classical musicology at Sussex University with the late Jonathan Harvey and David Osmond Smith (Luciano Berio). The latter inspired him to become a teacher. After graduating, he worked with Harvey as his electroacoustic technician.

He have worked in higher education as a music technology lecturer and researcher since 1989; University of Sussex (1989-1990), Northbrook College (1996-2001), The London College of Music (2000-2003) and currently since 2004 at the University of Portsmouth. He also worked as an external examiner for I.T. and Industrial Design Master’s programs in H.E. centres in Spain together with the British Council (2005-ongoing).

Research Interests

  • The design of microsound instruments (The Elementary Signal Engine E.S.E.)
  • Algorithms in digital music technique (One Line Code music) (ALIAS)
  • Analogue technology emulation techniques
  • Digital Infra-Red photographic and cinematographic techniques