I graduated and gained a PhD from Imperial College London. I then joined the Universtiy of Bristol in 2001 as part of Solid Mechanics group during when I was involved in the 2 SUPERGEN projects (a conventional power plant collaboration EPSRC project) and KNOO (Keeping the Nuclear Option Open) project. For gaining industrial work experience, I left Bristol in 2008 before taking a lectureship position at the University of Portsmouth in 2011. I am currently a senior lecturer with sharing duties of teaching and research.



  • Solid Mechanics 
  • Advance and Modern Materials
  • Product Analysis
  • Structural Integrity


Recent Research, Knowledge Transfers and the associated fundings:

  • “Developing miniaturised corrosion detection and monitoring wireless sensor network system for offshore wind turbine structures”.  An Innovate UK, Energy Catalyst round 4 (Role: PI, Grant/Award no. 03101607, July 2017-March 2019) - in partnership with Avonwood Developments Ltd and Avanti Communications Plc. Leading to a pilot study at Rampion Wind Farm, UK.
  • “Diversify the company’s innovative expertise in large composite structures”.  A 2-year KTP project with Magma Structures Ltd, UK.
  • “Develop an FEA based capability in the format of design tool for PEEK oil and gas piping manufacturing”.  A 1-year KTP programme with Magma Global Ltd.
  • "Design and develop a smart sleeve hardness testing tool". Knowledge Transfer project, European Technology Development (ETD) Consulting Ltd, UK.
  • "Characterisation of Silica glass using nanoindentation", Hewlett Packard Ltd.
  • Various projects on material testing (fatigue, hydraulic pressure buckling, environmental testing) and materials selections, StraightPoint ltd, UK.
  • Some of the industrial projects/development work that I have been involved in prior to my appointment at the University of Portsmouth are: software development of Risk Based Management (RBM) and defect/crack assessment, development of lifing procedure for high temperature power plant life assessment, electronic atlas of ageing power plant microstructures, failure analysis tool, and cyclic capability study for HRSG, CCGT and Co-Generation plants.



Research Interests

Recearch interests include Multi-materials (Welding, additive manufactured materials), Corrosion of engineering materials, Defect and life assessment, Structural integrity of engineering materials.

Media Availability

Attending Media training (on live interview), Organised by the University of Portsmouth