I joined the department in September 2008. I graduated from the University of Exeter with a BA (Hons) degree in Psychology (1995) and an MSc in Economic Psychology (1998). After completing my PhD in Social Psychology at the University of St Andrews (2004), I returned to Exeter where I worked as a post-doctoral research/teaching fellow until taking up my current post here at Portsmouth.

Research Interests

My research interests span a range of topics within social and economic psychology. The common theme that underlies these interests concerns the ways in which we conceptualise the ‘self’ (or identity) and the role identity processes play in understanding various social and economic phenomena. Recently, I have started to develop a more specific interest in exploring the implications identity processes might have for our well-being.

With this common focus, the specific research projects I have been involved in include: the social psychology of money, materialism and ‘rational choice’; money in intimate relationships; gender and household money management; identity and economic practices; national identity and its social psychological consequences; student identity, sense of community and academic attainment; marketization of Higher Education and student identity as ‘learners’ versus ‘consumers’. I also have an interest in qualitative research methodology and have worked on a number of qualitative projects (e.g., within clinical psychology on mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and also work on ageing and living in residential care).

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