Tahahossein Movahedi Portrait

Dr Taha Movahedi


I am a teaching fellow in economics and finance for the Economics and Finance subject group in the Faculty of Business and Law. I have been teaching economics and finance in higher education institution since 2013 and have run schemes like study help program to support students. 

My main area of research is behavioural and experimental economics and I work on social identity, social preferences and cooperation in groups. I was part of the team that helped to establish the experimental laboratory at the University of Leicester. I have organized the second international research conference in economics at Leicester University in 2016.  



I joined the University Of Portsmouth Business School in January 2018 as a teaching fellow. Before joining the University of Portsmouth, I worked as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Leicester for 4 years during my PhD. I taught different units for undergraduate students like Math for Economics, Econometrics and Game theory. I have been awarded a PhD in July 2018 in behavioural and experimental economics from the University of Leicester and my PhD thesis is on group identity and social preferences. I have a master degree in MSc Economics (with Distinction Award) from the University of Leicester and BSc Economics from Allameh Tabataba’i University (Iran).


Research interests

I am interested in people’s interactions, what forms and shapes their preference and how the circumstances influence their decisions. I do research on how people's preference change depends on who they interact with and what is the environment of their decisions. My current research interests include:

  • altruistic behaviour
  • behavioural game theory
  • positive and negative reciprocity 
  • behavioural decision making
  • social identity and decision making
  • social preferences
  • context-based preferences 
  • loss aversion

My latest paper is experimental research on uncertain group identity and its effect on social preferences. I have found that individuals prefer to stay ignorant about the identity of their matched players but still behave reciprocally. I have been awarded the researcher fund to run the experiment on this paper at the experimental laboratory of the University of Leicester. For the full paper, please see: "https://ideas.repec.org/p/pbs/ecofin/2020-07.html"

I have been granted an Economic Research Project fund (2021) from Portsmouth University for a research project on the robustness of social identity in different interaction environments (work with Dr Zahra Morad).

I have been granted an ERP fund for a research project on the exploitation of students' satisfaction in higher education and testing various interventions to improve it(work with Professor Homagni Choudhury). I'm also a member of the Royal Economics Society. 

Teaching responsibilities

I currently teach the lectures and seminars on the following modules:

  • U23351 Economics for Business (level 4 - UG)
  • U25292 Economics (level 7 - PG)
  • U25862 Issues in Economics (level 4 - UG)

I have also taught the lectures and seminars on the following modules in the previous years:

  • U30870 Advanced Economics (level 6 - UG)
  • U20472 Research Method and Dissertation (level 5- UG)
  • U25862 Quantitative and Research Method for Economics (level 5 - UG)

I am also a supervisor to students reading the U30871 Economics research project (level 6 - UG) and I supervisor for postgraduate dissertation