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Pick from a variety of sports and societies to get a feel of the fun side of university.

Choose 3 academic choices

Pick 3 sessions from range of subjects across all of our faculties.

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Accordian Panel

Would you like to use your creativity and making skills to transform buildings and spaces, both inside and out? Architecture and Interior Design courses give students the tools to design and create stunning new spaces and adapt buildings for new purposes.

Green' crimes – such as environmental pollution, deforestation and wildlife crime – have a significant negative impact on our natural world. Drawing upon international case studies, this interactive workshop will provide an overview of environmental harms and justice.

It will also examine the trade in endangered species, including elephant poaching for ivory, before highlighting how criminologists are working with rangers and conservationists to protect our wildlife.

See how science and technology come together to help diagnose trauma/ disease and save lives. You will have the opportunity to follow patients from their arrival at A&E through their journey to recovery via diagnostic imaging examinations.

We'll have a look at anatomy, how radiographers take images and what treatment our patient needs. No X-ray specs required!

A practical session exploring how drama is taught at the university. Using games and workshop acting techniques this session explores how to make drama from using our voices and bodies. A dynamic session that will be lots of fun. You can explore the great studios where we make theatre and musicals. No previous experience of acting is needed. Just join in. This session will give you ideas about what drama is like at university level.

There will be chocolate – how much chocolate depends on how you play the games.

You do not need to know anything about economics to get involved in this hands-on interactive session. Economics is not all about money. We will use simple games to explore some key economic ideas and help answer some interesting questions: Why are we running out of rainforests? Why doesn’t everyone get vaccinated? Does it matter who pays tax?

Are some people's language better than others?

You debate – and decide – in this interactive session on the relationship between your voice, yourself, and how others see you.

Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare's most famous and influential plays. This workshop will ask students to consider if the play deserves its reputation as one of the greatest love stories of all time.

By considering the play's meaning at the time it was written and how the play has generated new meanings since then, the session will get students to consider if Shakespeare is capturing the ideals of youthful love or reflecting the cultural prejudices of his time. We will look at some clips from recent film versions and stage productions of the play.

The Vietnam Conflict (1955-75) embroiled the United States of America in a war that became increasingly unpopular at home. This workshop will explore how ordinary Americans learned about events, the pressure to support the war aims, and the nature of significant anti-war protest that developed.

The workshop will use a range of historical sources including archival material, music, and film to reveal the many voices that were active in shaping events that continue to resonate today.

Interviews are the key skill of most journalists, to gather information or explain an event. This workshop will hone your interview and public speaking skills.

Have a go at both sides of the microphone; what's it like to have lots of questions fired at you? What's it like to ask the questions? How do you get the best quotes? How do you avoid revealing too much? We'll also look at some famous interviews on video.

In an increasingly global world, you may want to equip yourself with the ability to connect with millions of people in their native language. Find out more about how languages are taught at University.

Marketing is all about meeting the needs and desires of your consumers! In this interactive workshop you will be generating ideas for new products for ice cream giant, Ben & Jerry’s!

Using real data about the market, we want you to come up with new, original and out there product ideas to meet market demand! From Ice cream sneakers, to ice cream pup cups – the only limit is your imagination.

This is a hands-on interactive session introducing you to an unusual branch of Mathematics called Topology.

Using paper, scissors and sellotape you will make strange surfaces with unexpected properties, and we will see how we can use simple diagrams to explain and understand these properties. We will also see what happens when you try and play well-known games on these weird surfaces.

A session to introduce you to the creative and innovative side of mechanical engineering and product design.

We will look at clever ways engineers draw ideas from other arts and nature to find elegant solutions to problems. You will fold your way to engineering success and find why bendy machines can be better than traditional ones.

Assessing the heart and lungs is a vital part of determining a person's physiological status which can lead to diagnosis. These are key skills that form part of this investigative process, one which nurses perform on a daily basis.

Come and learn about the secret world of perioperative care. Operating theatres is an exciting and challenging environment for those with an interest in people and science. Although it may not be a very well known role this role is perfect for people who want to make a difference and explore the world of surgery and anaesthetics!

Kids save lives – come and learn how to save a life. Talk to our students about courses in Healthcare and what the University of Portsmouth offers.

The Universe is full of planets, stars, and galaxies that astronomers want to understand the physics of. But the stars and galaxies are so far away from us that we can't go there to study them. Find out how we observe them with huge telescopes and capture their light.

Class really matters – it’s about how much money we have, how we speak, our status, the chances we get in life… and much more.

This interactive workshop will explore some of the ways that sociologists think about class and inequality in contemporary Britain. We’ll discuss different aspects, like why certain jobs (e.g. lawyers) are 'valued' more than others (e.g. care workers), whether ‘working hard’ matters more than your class background, the problems with mocking ‘chavs’ on TikTok and whether TV documentaries about people claiming benefits are informative or ‘poverty porn’.

Accordian Panel 2

Inspired by the Paralympics? Prepare to support Team England at this Commonwealth Games this summer by giving Badminton a go.

University of Portsmouth Cheerleading Club were Level 3 National Champions at Legacy 2019. Whether you’ve been binge watching Cheer Squad on Netflix or just want to give it ago, Cheer will certainly put you through your paces as the next generation of cheerleaders.

Are you part of a squad or just fancy giving it a go? Pick up some moves to battle it out against the ambassadors at the Residential disco.

With the Women’s European Championships coming this Summer and the Men’s World Cup in December, see if you can replicate the Lioness’ 20-0 win over Latvia in our new sports facilities.

Sport isn’t the only place where you can show off your competitive edge. Student Unions offer a variety of societies so why not join the Game Society to test your opponent in a variety of games.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a performer? Our musical theatre expert will take you through your paces based around an all time favourite musical.

Will the Roses win gold again this summer in Birmingham? Why not freshen up on the rules or show us how it’s done and pull on a bib for the Residential netball team?

Missing your 9am fix of Joe Wicks? Give Pilates a try to build stamina and strengthen core muscles. No dress up Friday required.

Like standing up for what’s right? Find out how the Student Union runs and make a difference with your own campaign.

Inspired by Emma Raducanu winning the US Open? Our coach will show you how it's done just in time for Wimbledon.

Yes, it’s a sport! Ultimate Frisbee is far more than playing fetch with the dog. Try something new, can you beat the ambassadors to be crowned Ultimate Residential champions?

It doesn’t matter if you can keep up or go in different directions, give this Latin-inspired dance workout a go.