MSc Software Engineering, 2014

Cintya Aguirre is a Developer Lead Consultant for Thoughtworks. An enthusiastic programmer, always looking to apply cutting edge technologies in any project involvement. 

Cintya graduated from the University of Cuenca in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. After that, she won a Scholarship from the Ecuadorian Government which allowed her to travel to the United Kingdom in 2013. She later achieved her Master’s Degree from the University of Portsmouth.

In 2015, Cintya was awarded the prize for the best application for Information Technology Project for her MSc Final Project “Augmented reality applied in tourism mobile applications”. 

Her professional career started at Bank of Austro in Cuenca, Ecuador after graduating as a Computer Science Engineer. Then, after obtaining her Masters she was promoted to the position of IT Solutions Architect and after a couple of years, took the responsibility for the whole IT Architecture and Development Department.

In 2019 she took a next-level opportunity for enhancing her career in technology, and started as a Software Architect for Devsu LLC. During this time she could work on innovative projects for great customers around the world. Finally, in September of 2020, she took her current position at Thoughtworks, one of the most prestigious software consultancy enterprises in the world.