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Adjustment hotline – 023 9284 8090

Getting better results than you expect

Got better results than you expected and want to see if you can change course?

If you have an unconditional firm offer of a place at university but have met and exceeded the conditions of your offer, UCAS Adjustment lets you apply to other universities without risking your existing place.

What's the difference between Adjustment and Clearing?

Clearing and Adjustment both give you another chance to find the best course for you.

The difference is that Adjustment is for students who have met and exceeded the conditions of their firm offer. Using Adjustment, you can apply for other courses with higher entry requirements without risking your unconditional offer.

If you're not eligible for Adjustment, you could still switch courses by applying through Clearing.

How does Adjustment work?

If you applied through UCAS, you can register for Adjustment in UCAS Track when you get your exam results.

Then you:

  1. Find courses you want to do
  2. Contact universities directly to see if they'll offer you a place
  3. Choose the best offer for you and accept it in UCAS Track

If you can't find another course or don't get an offer you won't lose your original unconditional offer.

Contacting us

Call us on +44 (0)23 9284 8090 or chat with us online (when available) to see if you can apply for any of our courses through Adjustment. If you applied through UCAS, have your personal ID at hand when you contact us, if possible.

Before you accept a place, we'll ask you to read through our terms and conditions.

Press play to find out more about Adjustment from our students

Lucy: Adjustment is when you actually do better than what you were expected to do, which is fantastic in itself. Rebecca: It's an opportunity for you to apply to a course that has higher entry requirements. Jordan: Or a university altogether based on the new scores that you've received.

Talhaa: If you've decided you want to go through adjustment you have to go on the UCAS website online and register there. And then you need to call the universities that you think you might like to go to. UCAS doesn't show courses are available for adjustment so you have to go directly through the university websites. You need to contact the university and see if there's still enough spaces for the courses you want to apply for. It's a real great opportunity to push yourself to go to somewhere that might be a better course for you. 

When does Adjustment 2022 open and close?

UCAS Adjustment 2022 dates haven't been confirmed yet. In 2021, opened on 10 August and closed on 18 August.

You only get 5 days from when your firm-choice university confirms your unconditional place to use Adjustment. Bear in mind the most popular courses fill up quickly, so start contacting unis as soon as you can once Adjustment opens.

Finding Adjustment course vacancies

We keep a list of courses available in Adjustment, but UCAS doesn't. So you might need to contact several universities to find course vacancies in Adjustment.

Accepting an Adjustment offer

When you accept a verbal offer in Adjustment, the uni will update your UCAS application so the offer appears in UCAS Track.

UCAS will also remove your original offer from Track automatically. So make sure you're making the right decision before you accept it verbally.

Applying through Adjustment if you have an offer elsewhere

You can't apply for a course in Adjustment through UCAS if you've accepted an offer elsewhere. But you may be able to apply to us directly.

Call our Clearing Hotline on +44 (0)23 9284 8090 to speak to one of our advisers. If you’ve already accepted an offer through UCAS at another university, you’ll need to let the university know so they release you into Clearing and Adjustment. We'll talk you through this process.

How to cancel UCAS Adjustment

If you don't verbally accept an offer from another uni through Adjustment, you'll stay with your firm choice. There's no need to cancel – Adjustment info will disappear from UCAS Track after the 5-day period is up.

It's more difficult to cancel UCAS Adjustment if you change your mind after you've switched courses and accepted a new offer. Different universities have different processes and your place on your original course may have been filled during Clearing. So you'll need to contact both universities.