Student in black jumper and one draping earring, smiling in front of Eldon Building

Livia's story

Livia's clearing experience got her back on track for her degree

I was three marks away from making the cut for my initial offer from Portsmouth. At first I felt destroyed that I hadn't quite made it. But after picking myself back up, I decided to call the University and explain to them why I would be a good student and a good investment for them.

A few conversations later, I was in. It worked! Clearing isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. I understand how you can lose hope when you don’t get the right marks, but honestly it’s not the end of the world. I was paranoid while going through it, calling the University over and over to check things, and they were always so reassuring and kind.

Clearing might feel like a huge deal at the time; however, once you’re on the course and earning your degree, it’s nothing, it’s in the past, and all you focus on is how good this place is for you.

I feel like I’ve found a University that cares about me and who I am, not what my A-Level grades or UCAS Hub was. It’s a community and everybody is welcome.

Livia Fierro, BA (Hons) International Development Studies