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Chris worrall

Chris Worrall

Innovation Director

  • Ask me for help with: Business strategy and business planning, market access.
  • Fun fact: Once completed the Rubix cube in 55 seconds. The world record is 3.13 seconds, so this is like running the 100m sprint in 2minutes 48 seconds. (The 100m sprint record for a 100 year old is 27 seconds).
  • Favourite colour: Green 
  • Favourite pizza topping: Spicy Chicken - Tandoori style
Robin Sheppard

Robin Sheppard

Innovation Centres Manager

  • Ask me for help with: Office Space, Desk Space and anything Technopole related.
  • Fun fact: I am an American masquerading as an English person! I was born and lived in LA but moved over when I was young.
  • Favourite colour: Any of the cool colours (purple, greens and blues)
  • Favourite pizza topping: Spicy Beef everyday

Charlotte Coward

Innovation Centres Officer

  • Ask me for help with: Your customer journey, enquiries, tours of the sites, membership options, contracts, finance, events, site operations, and more.
  • Fun fact: I'm great at cooking, I love to make curries and ramen and try lots of new recipes.
  • Favourite colour:  Green
  • Favourite pizza topping: Pineapple

Emmanuel Pasqo

Innovation Connect Assistant

  • Ask me for help with: Business support, offices, signing up members, finance, signposting.
  • Fun fact: One of my favourite artists is Sticky Fingers.
  • Favourite colour:  Blue
  • Favourite pizza topping: Mixed Vegetables and Hawaiian

Ayodele Mabunmi

Customer Experience Assistant

  • Ask me for help with: All things Technopole!
  • Fun fact: I'm an avid lover of photography and playing pool during my free time! Photography allows me to express my creativity and playing pool helps me to unwind and have some friendly competition. 
  • Favourite colour:  Black
  • Favourite pizza topping: BBQ meat

Natalie Howard

Marketing and Communications Officer

  • Ask me for help with: Promoting your business activities, events and initiatives.
  • Fun fact: I'm a twin. (No, we aren't identical!) I'm also a runner and love food (hence the running).
  • Favourite colour:  Purple
  • Favourite pizza topping: Chicken and bacon
Vicky Price Innovation Connect staff

Vicky Price

Customer Experience Assistant

  • Ask me for help with:  Meeting and greeting visitors to Technopole and helping them to get to where they need to be. Providing help and advice to the building's clients with any day to day issues that crop up.
  • Fun fact:  I have 2 dogs who I like to take on hikes, I like going to the gym, I have been married for 20 years and I like to go kayaking.
  • Favourite colour:  Green
  • Favourite pizza topping: Pass the cake...