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The University Eye Clinic will permanently close on 31 January 2023 and is unable to accept new patients. Current patients can contact the eye clinic with any questions regarding their ongoing treatment or closure of the clinic.

Eye examinations

All eye examinations last 45 minutes, unless you’d like a longer appointment to cater for any additional or complex needs.

During your eye examination, the optometrist will check your vision to see if correction is required. We will also check the health of your eye, checking for cataracts, glaucoma and other eye related conditions. An eye test can also help detect conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, which is why it's important to have regular eye examinations, normally every 2 years unless your optician suggests sooner. 

All eye examinations with ourselves include Optomap wide field of view imaging as standard and Optical Coherence Technology (OCT) scans are available for an extra fee.

Private eye exams costs:

  • £40 for the public
  • £25 for University of Portsmouth staff and students (or free for staff when booked under the visual display equipment (VDU) scheme)
  • Free for those eligible for NHS eye examinations

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Contact lenses

A contact lens sits on the surface of the eye and enables you to see. If fitted correctly and a care regime is followed, they can improve your life immeasurably.

Advances in design mean that contact lenses can be worn by most people. Certain lens types are often better suited to a particular eye condition.

The cost of contact lenses can be as little as 30p a day. 

When we fit you for contact lenses, we’ll take into account:

  • What you require from the lens
  • Your wearing schedule – daily, socially or for sport
  • Health factors of your eye – such as its shape and lubrication (tear flow)
  • The environment you’ll be wearing them in (e.g. dry lecture theatre, dusty workshop)

Contact lens appointment costs:

  • £40 for initial contact lens trial/fitting consultation or aftercare appointment for the public
  • £25 for initial contact lens trial/fitting consultation or aftercare appointment for University of Portsmouth staff and students
  • Free for those eligible for NHS eye examinations 

Glasses (spectacles)

We’re proud of our choice of suppliers of lenses and frames. We choose our frame ranges in line with styles that our customers want. We aim to source our products as sustainably as possible and currently have a wide range of eco friendly and sustainable frames. We also like to support smaller independent companies where possible.

We return any profit made from sales to the University which helps us to support and develop our specialist clinics.

Our frame stock

Most of our frame styles are available in different colours and sizes, covering all budgets and styles. We also carry frames that are designed for patients with unique facial characteristics and can modify frames if required. All our glasses are dispensed by fully qualified dispensing opticians.

Some of our current frame stock includes

  • Tomato glasses - designed with babies and children in mind
  • Erin's world- designed for patients with low bridges
  • Vanni
  • Dutz
  • Bird eyewear- this range is made from wood and plant based plastics
  • Coral eyewear- this range is made from recycled fishing nets removed from our oceans
  • Dragon eyewear- this range is made from recycled bottles and plant based bioplastics

Frame prices start from as low as £30 and we offer a range of budget frames and vastly reduced prices on discontinued models.

Colour vision testing

At the University of Portsmouth Eye Clinic we have three tests available for testing your colour vision. We also have a specially adapted room to carry out these tests, which provides the right colour and brightness for them to be conducted.

Colour vision testing available to you includes:

  • Farnsworth D-15 Dichotomous Color Blindness Test
  • Ishihara’s Test for Colour Deficiency
  • City University Online Color Vision Test

Colour vision testing costs:

  • £40 for the public (including report)
  • £25 for University of Portsmouth staff and students (including report) 

Additional vision testing

We can carry out several tests to check for a variety of conditions. We will either recommend these to you following a standard eye test, accept referrals or you can request them.

Visual stress

Visual stress is a processing problem that causes, sensitivity to light, glare and black and white contrast. People who report visual stress sometimes have problems with reading and writing and this can cause discomfort.

Symptoms can include:

  • Movement of printed text
  • Blurring of print
  • Letters changing in size or shape
  • Patterns in the print (sometimes described as rivers or worms)
  • Halos of colour surrounding letters or words
  • Tiring easily whilst reading
  • Headaches or visual discomfort

After an eye examination to ascertain any underlying optical problems, a visual stress test may be carried out (for an additional cost). The use of coloured overlays or a full colorimeter test may be advised.

Visual stress testing costs

  • £40 for the public (including report)
  • £25 for University of Portsmouth staff and students (including report) 

Binocular Vision

Binocular vision is a type of vision where two eyes are capable of facing the same direction to perceive a single three-dimensional image of its surroundings. 

This can cause various effects on your vision:


When one eye focuses on an object and the other eye cannot focus in the same direction, and the brain is unable to create a single image.


Convergence insufficiency is when both eyes cannot focus on a close object to create one image for a period of time.

Divergence excess is when both eyes cannot focus on a distant object to create one image for a period of time.


If there is a large prescription difference between each eye, this is called Amblyopia and can sometimes cause an inability to focus on a single object.

Symptoms often include:

  • Problems reading
  • Shutting one eye to steady a double image
  • Headaches
  • Feeling dizzy

If symptoms suddenly appear, seek urgent advice by contacting us, your GP or the eye department at Queen Alexandra Hospital.

Our prices


Service Full cost Cost for University staff and students
Private sight test (unless NHS exempt) £40 £25*
Initial contact lens trial/fitting consultation £40 £25
Soft contact lens aftercare consultation/exam £40 £25
Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) contact lens aftercare consultation/exam £40 £25
Colour vision assessment, including report £40 £25
Visual stress assessment £40 £25
Coloured overlay sheets £10 (A5)
£20 (A4)
£10 (A5)
£20 (A4)
Colorimetry assessment £40 £25
Private emergency consultation (eg red eye, flashes or floaters) £40 £25
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
– if part of eye exam
£20 £10
Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
– private or follow up scans
£30 £10
Visual fields (full threshold)
– private or follow up
£30 £30
Admin fees
(completion of forms/printing of OCT/Optomap images)
£10 £10

*Note: Staff can redeem a free sight test under the visual display equipment (VDU) scheme – find out how to request an eye test.

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If you have any questions or concerns about your eye care, you can contact us by email at or by phone on +44 (0)23 9284 6888