Student doing a presentation to the class

Key Stage 3–4 lessons

Interactive lessons to support students in exploring and celebrating who they are

Character education

Character education is an important part of a young person’s schooling. It contributes to their sense of value and belonging in wider society. And it helps them have confidence in their abilities.

Our 'Building Character’ series encourages all students to recognise their value through character education. We've developed our lessons to compliment the PSHE curriculum – start exploring the different character lessons below.

On-demand or in the classroom

Each of the character lessons can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Individual students click the relevant year group below to load the on-screen lesson and work at their own pace – simply share the URL with them in your digital classroom
  • Teachers can load the on-screen lessons below and facilitate group sessions – remotely via screen sharing, or in-class on a smart board
  • If you'd like to lead an offline session please request the PowerPoint file and lesson plan

Year 7 – Identity

What makes your students unique? What might influence their identity? In this lesson, students will explore the meaning of ‘identity’. 

They'll reflect on the skills they've built so far, as well as setting goals for their time at secondary school.

Year 8 – Debating

A fun and practical introduction to debating, this lesson encourages students to develop their critical thinking, listening skills and speaking with confidence.

Debating provides students with an opportunity to explore their own values and viewpoints. Whilst also respecting the viewpoints of others and working as a team.

Year 9 – Building your bank of experience

This interactive workshop encourages students to try new things, emphasising the importance of cultural experiences and the impact this can have them as individuals.

Year 10 – Who am I now?

Looking at the process of how we express our identity, this workshop encourages students to reflect upon how far they have come as an individual. But also who they want to be in the future.

Students will look at the concept of unconscious bias and think about how our behaviours, actions and appearance can impact the first impressions people form of us.

Year 11 – Agents of success

While reflecting on their bucket list goals, this session encourages students to think about ways to exercise their agency in pursuit of positive outcomes.

Students are encouraged to work around challenges and obstacles, emphasising the value of new experiences when it comes to problem solving.