Economics is about understanding how people, businesses and governments make decisions.

Some areas of economics try to understand how people make decisions, in order to influence them. This could be decisions about health, crime or the environment. Another part of economics is about using this knowledge of decision making to forecast which products are likely to be popular, or how profitable certain industries are likely to be. You might know this as stocks and shares.

At the university, our students use the Bloomberg suite to access current and historical trading data to make and check predictions about investments and share prices.

Economics and Accounting Students Monitor Real-Time Financial Data in our Bloomberg Suite
Economics and Accounting students can monitor and analyse real-time financial data in our Bloomberg Suite.

Economics can help us understand more about the risks people are willing to take. Decision-making always involves some element of risk, the probability of something bad, or a financial loss happening. 

If you had the opportunity to invest during this COVID-19 period, what decisions would you make? Have a go at the activities in your Digital Scrapbook!

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Opeyemi's story
"I was very impressed with the facilities, including the Bloomberg Suite..."

Find out what Opeyemi would recommend about studying BSc (Econ) (Hons) Economics at University of Portsmouth.

Economics placements
Economics placements

Economics students Mani, Jason and Ting-yi tell of their experiences doing work placements at Microsoft, ONS and HM Treasury.

I think it’s really important for students to be really immersed and engaged in the real business environment. One of the most exciting opportunities is taking an industrial placement between the second and final year.

I relied on the placement office massively, they were so helpful. Like reviewing my CV before I was applying and stuff, they ran mock assessment centres and interviews and I went to them which I found so beneficial. The responsibility was pretty big right form the beginning.

At Microsoft they encourage you to join the extracurricular stuff they have going on so I joined the social impact team. While there I had the opportunity to lead and create events. One of the first things I did was coordinating big bank meetings for the business development department. I wrote a report called ‘Changes in the Economy since the 1970’s’ and it got published on the website.

Come the end of the placement I managed to oversee the entire thing, working with the chancellors office you get a lot to do. That year long experience really does something to a student, when they come back in their final year they are a true economist. You’re really encouraged to do placements which I had a great time doing so I’d definitely recommend it.

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