Good design and a strong visual identity are important in modern society. Illustrators have the opportunity to combine their creative talents with professional skills and contribute to our culture in many different ways.

Many people think of story books when they hear the term illustration. In fact illustrators can work in many different areas such as children’s book illustration, narrative illustration, printmaking, advertising and teaching.

Students studying our Illustration BA (Hons) Degree work through modules such as:

  • Introduction to visual culture
  • Line, colour and development
  • Bookworks
  • Student enterprise

In this video, Dr Louis Netter introduces us to Portraiture. And particularly the 3 avenues of Self-Portraiture; the physical, the psychological and the material. He also sets a Face Off challenge for you to try at home!

Illustration Taster - University of Portsmouth
Dr Louis Netter introduces us to the study of Illustration and explains the 3 avenues of Self-Portraiture. At the end of the video he sets a Face Off challenge for you to take part in at home.

Activity time

Now that you’ve watched the video, open up your Digital Scrapbook for a re-cap of the instructions. Good luck with your Face Off challenge!

Download your Digital Scrapbook

Take a look around our on-site art shop

At the University we even have our own art shop where we stock everything our creative students need at affordable prices. 

Look at the work our students have done

Some of the students on our Animation courses have put their illustration skills to work throughout their time at Portsmouth, have a look at their graduate showreel and see if there's any that inspire you!

Watch our 2018 student showreel
BA (Hons) Animation Graduate Show 2018 showreel

A compilation of student work from the BA (Hons) Animation degree course, featuring different animation styles and production methods.

Find out more about studying illustration from one of our students

Bo Sun Lam - BA and MA Illustration

Bo Sun Lam painting on a wall

The BA course had so much to offer. What really stood out was how they mixed creativity with the business of art. Alongside honing my talents as an illustrator the University also taught students about how to be a professional; how to promote yourself, how to approach agencies, how to pitch and so on.


I loved living in Portsmouth and the opportunity to spend a year learning to become even more of a professional was too good to pass up. It was a good decision because during that year I was able to publish my own illustration book as part of the course, which amazingly sold out in Hong Kong.


What's next?

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