Watch Daria Morusca's Dinosaur Sculpture project

This is the sculpt of the Edmontosaurus Regalis, created for the Sculping and rigging for a film module.

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Watch Charlie Collings's Computer Animation, 'Ice Skater'

I have always been fascinated by ice skating, so I wanted to study and replicate it. I wanted the animation to be complex and engaging while remaining grounded in reality. The process of creating it was thrilling and I would like to extend it and create a full routine.

I learned the skills necessary to animate to a high level of proficiency through this course.

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Watch Jamie Hartshorne's Computer Animation and Visual Effects Show Reel

For my time at Portsmouth University, I have focused my work towards improving my character modelling skills to become a character artist for both the games and film industries. I focused my portfolio towards character creations using software such as Maya, ZBrush, Substance painter to my best advantage.

Included in my reel are:

  • my 3D character models from my CREAM group project, my raptor from my ADVANCE RIGGING unit;
  • 'The last knight in shiny armour’ that was for my FINAL-MAJOR-PROJECT;
  • plenty of other models such as my robotic spider and Europelta dinosaur, for example.

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Watch Ilyes Hasni's Computer Animation and Visual Effects Show Reel

Most of my work from this year is from the Creative Professional Development unit. It allowed me to try concepts that I would not usually try and boost my character art skills a lot. My final year project with The British Museum was also a great learning experience for me with the creature/character development pipeline.

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Watch Filip Chudoba's Vaclav Havel Airport Prague project for X-Plane 11 flight simulator

Václav Havel Airport Prague recreated for flight simulator X-Plane 11. The airport contains also special animations, which were never used before in flight simulators (water salute). These can be seen in the video.

A music license can be requested via email.

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Watch Maiah Welle's final year project

My Final Year Project artefact translates Vincent van Gogh’s use of movement, color and impasto technique in the form of an animated painting walkthrough that includes four of his paintings.

The Three images are my coursework done in year 2 for Look Development where I recreated Café Terrace at Night by Vincent van Gogh. | Follow Maiah on Vimeo | Follow Maiah on Instagram

Watch Rana Ali's 3D environment visualisation of Androon Lahore


The work attached is from my Final Year Project. My goal was to create an artefact for a film using Quixel and Unreal Engine’s photorealistic capabilities and, more importantly, to apply all of the skills I learned during my time at university.


“Androon Lahore” means the walled city of Lahore that is culturally rich in Pakistan. There are no 3D artefacts to show for it due to its intricate nature as it’s a mixture of environments merged together.

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Watch Emily Yeo's Computer Generation

A real-time environment creation of shophouses, a vernacular architectural building type commonly seen in Malaysia.

A shophouse is a building with two or three storeys and a covered pedestrian arcade, known as five-foot ways, to account for the wet weather conditions in the region. The unique architecture is a result of local Chinese and Malay influences and European colonial presence in an attempt to adapt to the tropical climate.

These buildings have a variety of intricate details and colourful facades that puts my modelling and texturing skills to the test.

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Watch Chris Williamson's short Animation 'Otherworlds'

This is a piece inspired by the works of science fiction artwork of the 1970s. I took designs from works produced by Bruce Pennington and Roger Dean and combined them with scenes defined by sci-fi characteristics to create something cinematic and semi-photoreal utilising a game engine.

The assets were created using a variety of techniques and software including Maya, Substance Suite, Unreal Engine and Blender.

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Watch Salvatore Manzella's Computer Animation and Visual Effects 2021 showreel

I completed all of this work in my third year of the computer animation and visual effects course. I aimed to display my skill in a plethora of different software that I had learned over my time on the course.

I am particularly proud of my environment work as I created all assets myself to fill out the scene. It displayed my understanding of Houdini and the piece was also extremely fun to create!

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Watch Freya Stafford's Computer Animation and Visual Effects 2021 showreel

Included are my Final Year Project, props created for CREAM group project and my ANCAN Head project.

The assignment for my final year project was to create an environment. I chose to create an old study in Maya and rendered a few shots from the environment.

I created instrument props for my group project using Maya, Photoshop and Substnace Painter.

My ANCAN project was to create a 3d model of my own head using Mudbox and Maya.

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Watch Tom Lewis's Computer Animation and Visual Effects 2021 showreel

Scenes I have created using Unreal Engine 4, Substance Designer and Houdini

Assets used from Quixel Megascans and Epic Games.

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We have a dynamic Computer Animation and Visual Effects course at the University of Portsmouth, where our talented students have produced a variety of exciting work.

This has been a very challenging year, to say the least, and our students have shown amazing resilience to overcome these issues and still produce fantastic output. Well done to all of you!

Their work not only showcases their skill in their respective fields, but also their ability to work through incredible odds and utilise remote working pipelines to produce their work and communicate with others.

Our students will go on to join our alumni who are placed all over the world in some of the top VFX, Animation and Game studios including Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), Framestore, Double Negative (DNEG), Moving Picture Company (MPC), Rockstar Games, and more. We will always be here for them as our community of graduates continues to grow.

Watch our BSc (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects 2021 showreel

See highlights of the best work from our Computer Animation and Visual Effects 2021 graduates.

Watch Ellie Ball's 2021 fashion film

Ellie Ball's 2021 fashion film

Watch Rita Rodrigues' 2021 fashion film

Rita Rodrigues' 2021 fashion film