A person sitting on the ground with a blanket covering them. Added are digital drawings about digital media on top of them.

Deforestation Infographics

I wanted this infographic to quickly catch the readers' attention and let them observe the small details in the poster.

Watch Wilson Tavares' Communication Design video 'An Old Phone a Day Keeps the Illegal Logger Away'

Deforestation Motion Graphics

The motion graphic is an extension of the infographics poster. It aimed to give more details about the organisation that aims to end deforestation by recycling old cell phones.

Pelin Demir's infographic about deforestation

Watch Thomas Packham's Communication Design video 'The Earth Is Dying'

Thomas Packham's video 'The Earth Is Dying'

Watch Thomas Packham's Digital Media 2021 showreel

Thomas Packham's showreel

Watch Pelin Demir's Communication Design video 'Deforestation'

For the Communication Design module, we were asked to create a static and a motion infographic for raising awareness on the climate issues our world is facing. I chose to focus on deforestation that has been an ongoing issue for many decades. The static infographic explains the four main causes of deforestation and the destruction they cause. The motion graphic goes into more depth about the bigger problems.

Watch Molly Munro's Data visualisation

When watching the rugby world cup match and team statistics, I saw that for national teams there were surprising amounts of international players. This got me thinking: does this affect how the team plays?

This project required an interactive poster that showcased data pulled from a server using PHP to fetch the information.  JQuery, Javascript and PHP allowed for the data tables to be dynamically updated.

On our BSc (Hons) Digital Media degree course, students create engaging digital experiences across a variety of platforms and mediums, combining creativity and the necessary digital skills to bring ideas to life.

Through research, design and development, user experience and research, or digital design, students demonstrate the breadth and depth of skills they need to meet the creative, professional, practical and technical demands of the digital industry. Diversity is a sign of the flexibility and freedom students have to explore their own digital creative practice.

It's been a challenging year for all students, but we're extremely proud of their accomplishments. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours!

Izabela Phung Tuan

Final Year Project

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Pelin Demir


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Wilson Tavares

An Old Phone a Day Keeps the Illegal Logger Away

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Ellie Ball's 2021 fashion film

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Rita Rodrigues' 2021 fashion film