BA (Hons) Creative and Media Writing, 2013

After her degree, Elizabeth started off her career as so many in the industry do… with an internship. This marketing role helped her land her first real graduate job as a junior copywriter at an E-Commerce company called Wayfair. After working for them for two years in London, she was offered the position of UK Content Editor for the Wayfair brand, with the only catch being that she must move to Berlin for the role.

Five years later, and she’s still there! The Berlin Wayfair role sadly ended in a redundancy after 10 months but she stuck it out in ‘Silicon Allee’ and after working as a Content Manager for a German company, decided to try her hand at agency life. This ultimately led her to where she is today, as she co-founded a new PR Startup ‘Sweet Spot Public Relations’, where she is the current Head of Content and Chief Operating Officer.

Top tips for 2020 graduates

  • Be open-minded when searching for roles. Of course, everyone wants to get a job that gives them a full creative license, a fair salary and great colleagues, and these jobs do exist, but they can often be hiding in places you wouldn’t expect. Don’t dismiss a company just because you think their service sounds boring or because working in ‘XX’ role isn’t the dream – first jobs are all about getting your foot in the door. You can take something away from every job, no matter how far away from the ultimate dream, and experience will always help you to get your next position. 
  • Write tailored cover letters (it’s very obvious to a hiring manager when it’s a copy and paste job) and don’t be afraid to send out speculative CVs to companies that you really admire.
  • Network – get involved in online networking, connect with people on LinkedIn, ask people who you already know that are working if they know any companies looking for juniors or interns. 
  • If you want to get a job involving writing, make sure you have a portfolio. Essays and university coursework isn’t going to cut it. Start your own blog, offer to write features for online magazines looking for submissions, do whatever you can do to get some published work.
  • While looking for jobs, think about skills you could be working on to add to your CV. Content roles often want someone who also has photo editing skills, experience in SEO or Google Analytics or social media experience. There’s a wealth of online courses out there, and lots of companies offering free or reduced-price courses. Just make sure if you say that you have experience in graphic design or editing that your CV reflects this (i.e. make sure it looks nice).