Biological science model on display in a lab

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Do you want to study at a gold-rated university in England? We have science courses starting in September and January.

If you're interested in understanding diseases or healthcare, are passionate about nature, or want to make the world a better place, a degree in the sciences may be the ideal next step for you.

You'll get a deep knowledge of the natural world, and develop the field and lab abilities to progress in your career.


Science subject areas

Our Faculty of Science covers courses from various scientific disciplines. Explore the subject areas you could do a degree in below. 

Biological sciences

Biological science model on display in a lab
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Earth sciences

Student and tutor examining rocks on coast
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Geography and environmental science

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Healthcare and social care courses

The world needs healthcare and social care professionals – and our courses can help start your exciting career in the field.

clinical health book and stethoscope
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Psychology and Sociology Courses

Learn the science of the mind on our BPS accredited Psychology courses, and its place in society thr

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Sport science courses

A career in the sport and exercise industry – in whatever field you are aiming for – starts with one of our courses in sport and exercise science.

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