At a time when people spend more time inside than ever before, Interior Architecture and Design is an exciting programme that responds to the needs of contemporary society. Our students learn how to adapt existing buildings for new purposes and create exciting new spaces by designing stunning, functional interiors.

Students become more knowledgeable, experienced, and have the ability to develop professional skills that will enhance their identities as designers. They will become more confident in their practices, giving them the opportunity to succeed in future careers. 

Images from our students' final year projects illustrate the wide variety of skills and creativity they gained at the University of Portsmouth. They demonstrate this ability by engaging with assorted projects not only concerning their own field, but also wider issues that could impact how built environments are designed. Within this work is a constant questioning of the interior and its boundaries. Various methods and styles of representation are also available, from digital to hand-drawn and carved models.

A combination of studio projects and professional practices modules allows students to develop their portfolios and acquire work experience in the final year. Our alumni and professional networks have also enabled many of our graduating students to experience design practice before leaving university as well as to consider the varied career options available to them. 

We congratulate all of our students on their achievements and wish them all the best in the future.

BA interior and Arch