BSc (Hons) Digital Media, 2017 and MSc Digital Media, 2019

Jason has been involved in and contributed to the World Wide Web since its inception in the mid-'90s. He’s been a truck driver, graphic artist and producer for a local video game company. As well as being a co-director for a web consultancy company and a freelance web designer. 

Jason’s most recent role is a web developer/content manager for a local company and is currently assisting them with the transition of their online presence to a new e-commerce platform. He landed this job a few weeks after graduating in 2019, thanks to Richard Bateman at the Graduate Recruitment Consultancy.

His passion is all things web, how to apply web design and development best practices, creating responsive web designs using CSS / SCSS and producing optimised and efficient code that results in fast loading web pages and enjoyable user experiences.

Top career tips

  • Take full advantage of the resources and support the University has to offer.
  • Stay in touch with the careers team. Attend as many of their lectures/seminars as you can. Tell them about your ideas.
  • Stay in touch with your supervisor. They may have other exciting job opportunities!
  • Do your research on the company you are applying to and at the interview, remember to ask them questions about their business and plans for the future.
  • Don't be afraid to say you don't know something during an interview and tell them that you are eager and willing to learn.