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2012 Animation graduate William shares his career life after University

  • 26 February 2019
  • 2.5 min read

BA (Hons) Animation alumnus William Laban graduated in 2012. Since then, he's worked in the commercial industry on adverts from the likes of Ridley Scott, and is gradually filling his shelves with awards.

William shares his experiences of studying animation at the University and some of the exciting projects he's been involved in up to now.

William's story

I chose to study at Portsmouth because it was on the coast and I'd always wanted to be by the sea. Also, because of the courses it had to offer in the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries. There's such a wide variety to choose from. The creative facilities catered for every different practice you may want to dabble in – that's so helpful when trying to figure out what you enjoy.

The animation course gave you the right amount of time and support to experiment with different artistic techniques, which is something you just don't get with online courses.

The highlights of the animation course were getting to meet other like-minded people who just wanted to make something cool and have fun doing it, as well as having lecturers with real industry experience. Knowing they've worked on huge feature films I'd watched and games I'd played was exciting to learn from.

William Laban, BA (Hons) Animation alumnus

Having a degree helped me get a foot in the door in such a competitive industry. It trains you to get into the right mindset for the work you'll want to undertake and the best way to go about it.

I've just finished working on a commercial directed by Ridley Scott for Hennessy called The seven worlds, which came out the other week. It's a great bit of fun that takes you on a visual journey through all these different planets. I've also just wrapped up working on a live-action trailer with cool CG creatures in, which will be out next month.

I was lucky enough to win a couple of awards a few years ago for a John Lewis Christmas advert called Buster the Boxer: Visual Effects Society (VES) for Best VFX in a commercial, and a Gold British Arrow for Best CG in a commercial. I think this recent Hennessy advert is also of the right calibre to enter into a few awards, so fingers crossed for the team. It's a great way to highlight the technical process and depth of detail in the work.

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